March 8, 2013
Last night we were all set up for our concert here in Lenoir City, Tennessee…..
In the midst of finishing dinner and getting ready for our concert….
who should drive in the church parking lot but our very dear friends, the Garraways, from our church back home!! 
{Dad & Mom were on “the in” but we kids were totally surprised! And thrilled!}
We have been REALLY missing our church and so seeing friends from there was just wonderful! The Garraways travel like us, doing evangelism/preaching/music  at churches all over America. They left for their tour on the same day we left for ours, and we are getting home within several weeks of each other. We are traveling a similar route but are always just a couple days/towns/states apart from each other. But last night…they didn’t have anything scheduled and they were 45 minutes away so they came over to our concert and then stayed for a while afterwards to spend time with us. It was so great and makes us miss our church people even more! I LOVED getting to cuddle little David who was just a tiny little thing when we last saw him…he’s grown so much!
 All of us!
{minus adorable little David Matthew, who was snoozing in his carseat..=)}


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