Taylor’s Blessing Ceremony
(Bar Mitzvah)

Our blessing ceremonies are one of our family’s favorite traditions. (you can read all about how our family celebrates these times at this post)
There were so many things we wanted to do before we left on summer tour! One of these was Taylor’s blessing ceremony, or Bar Mitvah. He chose the same menu as Denver had—a full mexican buffet, with homemade pies for dessert.
Taylor with our pastor’s youngest daughter.
Gathered around and sharing our blessings we each wrote for Taylor. At the end, we had a special time of prayer over him. 


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    1. Do you mind if I suggest something that might sound totally crazy? I was thinking it would be great and very encouraging if Taylor could have is own blog. I think it would be great to get ideas on the BB and other matters from him.
      Anyhow, have a great day!

    2. I'm sure that would be great! Maybe someday he can; I will pass on the suggestion to him. =) Currently he is very focused on school, but possibly someday he would do that! Thanks for the thought. =)

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