Our family Christmas Eve celebration is always filled with joy, memories, and plenty of gourmet food.  This year was no different!  
We split up into teams and chose various scrummy things to make.  There is always something about having all of us in and out of the kitchen- dreaming, scheming and creating all day long- that results in large doses of healing laughter and a sweet knitting of our hearts together.
Liz + Taylor: Cheesy Sausage Balls w/ Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
Rebecca + Yours Truly: Gluten Free Swiss Chocolate Cake Roll + Individual Berry Cheesecakes
I had seen the cake roll recipe online and made a mental note to try it for Christmas Eve.  It had a complex flavor and texture combination and was surprisingly healthy.  The Cheesecakes were simple- granola crust, light refrigerated vanilla filling, and a berry topping.  
There are always mounds of dishes!
Mitchell + Hudson: Stuffed Mushrooms
Mitchell is a master at creating amazing food with NO recipe.  He and Hudson created the best stuffed mushroom I have ever tasted, with no recipe of course.  From what I heard, they just grabbed a big package of fresh mushrooms, and started throwing together seasonings, onions, maybe some cream cheese, cheese, who knows what else, and a whole ‘lotta butter.  
Carson + Denver: Jalepeno/Cream Cheese Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped Deer Backstrap 
Oh man!!!  This stuff was so incredibly good.  We are big fans of meat around here, and when you take a prime cut of fresh deer meat, stuff it with hickory seasoning, cream cheese, and jalepenos, and wrap it in bacon, the result is wild and wonderful.
The beautiful table by Chelsy + Liz
Ahh- dishes done!!!!  Well, they are done until someone makes more.:)
Josh: Fiesta Fondita Dip
Josh makes some kind of Mexican something or another just about ever Christmas Eve and this year was his best yet, in my opinion.  He layered all sorts of yummy Mexican things, put on loads of cheese, and baked it all melty-perfect.  
This little charmer is pretty good at doing dishes.
Chelsy chose a cream + gold theme for the table this year and it was beautiful.
We always eat by candlelight, so Chelsy put candle arrangements at various places for lighting + beauty.
Chelsy: Pesto Cheese Breadsticks
These were literally ridiculous.  Can you imagine perfect, soft breadstick topped with cheese home-made basil pesto?  Well, let me tell you that these things will change your life if you ever get to try them!
Mother: Potato Leek Soup
This soup, paired with the life-changing breadsticks, was an incredibly perfect starter for our meal.  Mother used lots of garden fresh potatoes and leeks, along with home-made chicken stock, and simmered it all together into this soup that was just so good.
baking + prepping the food right before dinnertime
These two did so great with their sausage balls!  They are both becoming accomplished chefs.
The Swiss Cake Roll contained three components- a thin, airy chocolate cake, a slightly sweetened whipped cream filling, and a dark chocolate ganache frosting.
Here we are-all gathered around the table, dressed in our formal attire, and anticipating the feast of delicious food to come.  Some dear friends joined us for the evening, and it was a sweet time of celebration together.
After dinner we brought out the games and enjoyed a long and relaxing evening.
Settlers of Cataan is a big-time favorite around here, so many a rousing round was enjoyed that night.  Settlers games at our house are usually loud and intense, and this was no exception!
Dutch Blitz
Christmas Eve 2016 was full of our Father’s goodness to us.  He has given us salvation, abundant life, loving family + friends, and a home.  We are so undeserving!  The following verses sum up the joy and hope we have:
“For mine eyes have seen Thy salvation, which Thou hast prepared before the face of all people; a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel.” 
Luke 2:30-32


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  1. This is just so much fun! Have to say my favorite pictures were numbers 2+3=) And your little dish-dryer is pretty cute=) All of the dishes look just scrumptious! And the table decor is so lovely, Chels+Liz-great job!

    Blessings for 2016<3

    {question: I actually made something similar to Carson+Denver's bacon-wrapped yumminess a few weeks ago; I was wondering, if there was a recipe could I possibly get it from y'all? And, if you don't mind…the gluten-free cake roll as well? thanks=)}

  2. Such a fun tradition! I grew up with my family doing something very similar. Now, because my brothers and I are all married and only together every other Christmas Eve, we've brought this tradition into our married families as well – and it is a big hit! We love trying new recipes, but there are also some favorites that always make it into the rotation! 🙂

  3. Such special together time. Adore your lovely kitchen and all of the memories/sharpening encouragement that goes down there! The creations look absolutely delicious, once again – makes me want to sample each one. 😉 And clap, clap for Huds' hat – he pulls off that classy look so well. 😉 The games also look like a blast and I can definitely think of some brothers who would enjoy those chess games. 🙂 Many blessings as you guys prep for tour!

  4. Looked like a lovely and scrumptious affair! There's nothing like bringing in the whole family to help and then being able to share with friends! Thanks for sharing with us too! Blessings.

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