Our family is very passionate about our country and the upcoming election. Yesterday, Mitchell felt led to do an informal video sharing his views on voting BIBLICALLY instead of voting out of FEAR. Watch the above video to hear what God has been showing him.
This video was shot in one take with my phone so it is very simple, but the message is straight out of God’s Word. Please open your heart to hear what the Lord may be wanting to show you.
This second video was sent to us by someone just the other day. It is SO MUCH TRUTH and so good that we wanted to share it here as well. 
Lastly, we want to link to this article written by one of our close friends. Please take a minute to click the link and read this.

“When a citizen gives his vote to a man of known immorality, 
he abuses his civic responsibility 
and he betrays the interest of his country.”
-Noah Webster
“Of two evils, choose neither.”
-Charles Spurgeon



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  1. Mitchell, Very good argument you make. I have voted and I did vote my conscience and heart. I prayed and journaled on what God directed me to do. My original candidate did not make it too the convention to get the nomination, and in fact gave his support to the part candidate nomination. I was/am disillusioned by that act of support. Neither Trump nor Clinton were not on my heart to cast my vote for. I voted my conscience, not the party line.

    Blessings, Mari

  2. I agree with your point…In Oklahoma we only have three options on our ballot. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Gary Johnson. Oklahoma does not allow write-in candidates.

    Do y'all have any thoughts on Gary Johnson vs. Trump?
    C. Burnett

    1. Gary Johnson is better than Trump, although Johnson supports abortion and is weak on same-sex marriage. With the three you mentioned being your only options, I honesty am not sure what I would do in your situation. All I can do is advise you to pray and ask God how you should cast your vote.

  3. –Mr. Trump opposes taxpayer funding of abortions, including Planned Parenthood, and has surrounded himself with many godly advisers including a strong, pro-life, conservative, Christian running mate (Mike Pence). He has named a list of pro-life, Constitutional judges he promises to choose from, who will uphold our Constitution and protect our 1st Amendment (freedom of speech and religion). He values and will defend Israel as America's greatest ally.
    I know many Christians say they cannot vote in the Presidential part of the election because neither candidate is moral, and it would go against their conscience to vote for either of them.(Romans 3:10) If you can not vote for a candidate b/c they aren't moral you will NEVER vote, b/c no one is without sin. My conscience urges me to vote to prevent the election of the candidate who is radically pro-abortion, who wants to use our tax money to murder innocent human life, who wants to have open borders where anyone from any country could just pour into America (with no way to stop terrorists), and who will appoint judges who will take away our religious freedoms to share the truth of the gospel. No one is righteous. In a world affected by sin, voting for morally flawed people is unavoidable. Praying that TRUE CHRISTIANS will wake up and see the opportunity they have to take back America from the corrupt people like HRC. #Vote4Life #America #TRUMP2016 In Christ's Love

    1. If you want to believe everything that you are told by a chronic liar, than that is your choice. Donald Trumps record is NOT conservative in the slightest and the only hope we have of him doing what he says he will do is if we choose to believe him. If you wish to do believe him, thats your choice. We have seen his record and have no faith in his promises whatsoever. He isn't pro-life or pro-marriage. He was just seen proudly waving the LGTB flag at one of his rallies the other evening.
      I don't believe at all his promise as far as the list of supreme court justices-I firmly believe he gave that list just because he knew it was what people want to hear.
      As far as surrounding himself with "godly" advisors (which depends on what you classify as "godly") the only reason he has done that is to give himself an edge with "conservative" voters.
      Just wanted to respond to that-thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    2. Soooo let me understand this. In a previous comment someone asked for your opinion on who to vote for and you advised to support someone who is for abortion (VOTING FOR MURDER IS APPALLING) and is "weak" on same-sex marriage.
      Yet, you refuse to accept the fact that people can have a change of heart. That God could have worked in the life of Donald Trump to now understand that abortion is MURDER, of humans at the most vulnerable state (in the womb). You refuse it comprehend that Mike Pence is PRO-LIFE as anyone could possibly be, yet your saying we cant "trust" Trump b/c its just words to get the conservative vote. Well Mike Pence was chosen for the office of VP, so that's not words it's fact. As for LGTB flag well the guy you told them to vote for isn't against it either. Plus DJT has said that the states will decide on same-sex marriage. Which is as it should be States Rights not the Federal Government.
      I don't follow you with saying Trump is a "chronic" liar. Hillary Clinton is and that is fact. Don't forget about the men in Benghazi. She left them to be massacred! It is horrible to think that people will be supporting a woman who doesn't care about the lives of Americans, either directly or in directly.
      Ben Carson is a very SMART man. Smarter than I ever hope to be and he supports DJT all the way. I'm going to leave with a challenge for you. Do some research. Not just superficial gloss over, but truly study what Trump is for and against. God's best to your family.

      p.s Before I left this morning to knock door for Trump I prayed that if even one person is persuaded to go out on Nov 8 and vote for Trump that I had defended human life well. God answered my prayer also, I had the opportunity to chat with a gentleman about what Trump had said about Supreme Court Justices, the un-financing of MY TAXPAYER dollars of Planned Parenthood, and how Hillary supports 36wk abortion.(sick!) He was thankfully convinced that LIFE is more important than anything in this world. That one more vote for life, I hope and pray that your family will join us in electing the next president of the United States Donald J. Trump!

    3. Donald Trump has funded Planned Parenthood + supported abortion and he only "changed" his stance since he switched to the Republican ticket because he obviously had to say he was pro-life in order to have a shot with the Republican party. This is the man who has said he has never done anything to merit asking God for forgiveness-why in the world would we believe that he has had a change of heart on this issue if he doesn't believe that anything he has done is wrong?
      We have prayed about our decision and absolutely no amount of debate or attempt at convincing is going to be changing our minds-we will not be voting for Trump tomorrow.
      Thanks for your comment-God bless!

  4. Dear Bontrager family,

    It is difficult to summarize in a few sentences all the evils of Hillary Clinton. The most fundamental issue at stake is her attachment to muslim leaders and the islamic agenda. So voting for anybody but Trump you cast your vote for islam and the muslim invasion that Europe is experiencing right now through another woman- Merkel. It happens that I'm from Europe and I know firsthand what is going on there.

    Do you mind if I express my brotherly opinion concerning your look and attitude? You people had it so well and you live in a Midwest bubble and you became so self-confident and self-content! You border pridefulness and probably this is why you have a skewed view of this election. It is sad, I saw too many large families especially from the Midwest, who when becoming financially sound, they think that they can advise on a broad range of issues (btw, I have a large family too).

    Paul Dan

    1. Good morning!
      We completely agree about the evils of Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, I don't think Trump has any idea how to deal with the muslim issue at all. He can say anything he wants but ultimately he is one of the most ill-equipped people imaginable to lead our country in foreign affairs. (just to name this one issue)
      The midwest bubble you described sounds quite comfortable. =) There are many descriptions that could be true of our political stance but a "bubble" is not one of them. Any kind of bubble atmosphere is automatically eliminated when one experiences the "joys" of campaign life-ie debating, doors slammed in ones face, being yelled at, called names, etc.
      We don't believe we can "advise" on a large range of issues. Everything that we share here is merely what God is teaching us. We tell people over and over again: "run it by God's Word, and if it doesn't match up there, than by all means cast it out like the chaff." We don't claim to know more than anyone else; we just have a heart to see Christians return to the WORD OF GOD as their ultimate Guidebook. It isn't about us, or what we know or don't know…it is ALL about lifting up Christ and making Him known. We believe He has called us to speak out on a number of controversial issues that are affecting modern-day Christianity, which is why we do write on many topics that definitely aren't "fun" or "comfortable".
      Thank-you for your comment + your time; we appreciate it!
      Chelsy for the Bontragers

  5. Would you be willing to consider this perspective from pastor Gregg Matte? (Ted Cruz's church)
    Thank you…
    I appreciate your family and enjoy your blog. 🙂 May God bless you…

    1. Good morning! We wanted to let you know that although we have already made our decision regarding voting in this election, we will definitely take a minute to watch the video link that you sent. We have a policy currently to not post links in the comments section of our blog, so that is why we have removed the link you included. We will check it out though!
      -Chelsy for the Bontragers

    Comments are now closed for this post and no further comments will be published. We will all be going to the polls tomorrow and within a mere 40 hours we will have a new president of our country, if all goes according to plan. We encourage God's people to be in prayer for the future of our nation, as we are greatly in need of His help + grace, no matter which candidate is elected.

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