July 6, 2021

The Extended Bontrager Family Christmas Weekend

Here is a belated post of pictures from our rather legendary Extended Bontrager Family Christmas Get-Together. 
Sixty-eight Bontragers out of the seventy-four gathered for a weekend of celebration with family, food, and all-around good times. We are blessed with the best when it comes to family (on both sides) and we dearly love these get together days of feasting and fun! 
We eat very, VERY well. Always.
Grandmas fresh homemade bread. Loaves and loaves of it. With amish peanut butter spread and apple butter. Ooh la la….
Nineteen delicious pies of all kinds and varieties, were consumed in short order. 
All Bontragers love Grandmas pies-there are NONE OTHER like hers!
Time to dig in!
Gift exchanges for the little ladies…
…and the little men!
Cousin time is the best time!

Of course no get together would be complete without several rousing and energetic games of football for the guys.

Little Emma Kate is the latest addition to the tribe and since she and her parents hail from the far-away land of Texas, it was the first time for most of us to meet her. She was an instant success. =) 

Dutch Blitz…another Bontrager favorite!

Many good conversations happened all around…

Dinner time! The tradition for the evening meal is for everyone to bring various appetizers/snacks/special foods. Ah, SO GOOD.
This year, for the adults, we had a white elephant gift exchange. Oh goodness, what a grand idea that was. We laughed til we cried and stole gifts back and forth and found out interesting facts about how similar many of us are in all liking the same gifts. =)
Girls night together with all of the older girls.
Saturday night at Pizza Hut with the whole tribe!

A bunch of us cousins went out for coffee and conversation after pizza with everyone else. We crammed into this little room and there were so many of us that sadly not everyone quite made it into the selfie!

Beautiful ladies!
“Being a FAMILY means you will love and be loved 
for the rest of your life, no matter what.”


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  1. So special! And now I'm officially craving your grandma dear's famous peanut butter spread. And apple butter. And pies. 🙂

  2. Looks like y'all had a marvelous time with family! Its fun to recognize the house where the gathering was held=) And that was a pretty intense game of ping pong there! 🙂


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