July 6, 2021

The Last Five Days on Tour!


It is hard to believe that today is the LAST day of our three-month long, Winter Tour 2017! It has been an incredible three months but not gonna lie…we are DYING for the sights of home! There’s a lot of hour/minute counting happening on the bus, and anticipation is building for the happy sights at the end of our three hour drive home tonight, after our concert!
Here is the last update post from this tour. These pictures are from our last week in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, as well as a few from Texas that I missed posting earlier.
It was amazing to spend time again with these dear friends in Oklahoma! We have many happy memories from multiple years of fun laaaaate nights and mornings spent at their home! Chocolate chip pancakes at midnight, fun conversations about all sorts of exciting developments, and incredible southern hospitality, among other things, made our stay so special but way too short as always!
Never know who we will run into as we travel! So good to catch up with Iowa friends in Texas! =)

 Two hours at Braums and talking a mile a minute with these girls, one night before a concert!

 Homemade microwave brownies in the bus to celebrate…one week left! =)

 Games + stories + good food + memories at “Aunt” Roberta’s! We LOVE our times at her house.

 School continues!
So does office work! We set up everywhere and anywhere!
 Violin practice for Rebs, in the front of the bus.
 Mom and Allison helped wash windows at our relatives one morning. Hudson + the cousins got to be the “screen scrubbing” crew. Not sure which got more wet—the screens or them. =)
Good times around the table!
 So fun to meet baby Benson, the latest cousin on the Bontrager side!
The farmer blood runs strong in the dads…and now the sons. =)

 Such good times with our uncle, aunt, and their five children. We miss having them in Iowa, and enjoyed the opportunity to visit them for the first time at their new home in Kansas!

 Date time!
Denver, shining up the bus wheels.

 Mitch, just hang in’ out on top of the bus. (in all reality, up there to remove branches out of our path)!

 At a church, all set up and ready to go andddd….they have wifi! Whereupon everyone connects. =)

“Oh how great is Thy goodness, which Thou hast laid up for them that fear Thee; 
which Thou hast wrought for them that trust in Thee before the sons of men!”
Psalm 31:19


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