Music practice with the guys. (well, and everyone else, for that matter!)
Lots of pretty flowers to plant, in preparation for this big double wedding on the farm!
Brother/sister coffee dates!

Two of the bros chose private engagements which they wanted to set up with “no outside help” (aka sisters, hehe) but Mitchell asked for a photographer + videographer and you can’t imagine who was THRILLED to oblige. =)

So.much.gardening + mulching + preparing for the summer. Above, mother + crew, mulching the potatoes.

Stocking the bus and trailer for the summer tour was a big project!
The night before we left, Grandma was down for dinner, and she mentioned that she had just gotten thirty quarts of strawberries that day. We had just done a big batch ourselves and I knew thirty quarts would take one person a long time to do! So later on that evening, four of us went up to her house and we got those berries done in record time! It was such a special time with grandma and a great blessing to be able to help her out in that way. We talked about how when we were all little, she would come down to help mom with big produce projects, and about how now we are grown and able to “give the blessing back” a little bit. Love how life comes full circle like that!

Deep cleaning at the back of the DCI. This spring has been a time of transition there and several of us got in on the action with some decisions, projects, etc. I loved the opportunity to make this area mine and be in charge of some organizing + re-arranging.


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  1. I sent your Dad pictures of when you were at where I live. I still got pictures if you or anyone wants. It was a beautiful day and setting even though the turnout wasn't so good.

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