The past weeks have been full of traveling, company, and lots of work on the farm and in our community.  It is always a treat to see our cousins as we travel, so of course we were thrilled when some of them came to a recent concert (above)!
love this girl!
One day someone said, “Hey!  Look at Liz and Hudson- they have the same hair color, are the same size, and are wearing matching clothes.  They could be twins.”  So we had to do a little photoshoot right then and there.:)
We sang at a Bible conference in Arkansas earlier this month.  Friendship Baptist is the church where Mitchell interned this spring, so it was fun to get to know all his friends there.
Elizabeth with new friends
singing “This is My Father’s World”
Josh sharing a challenge and passage of Scripture
The day after we got back from Arkansas and Misourri, we enjoyed a fun evening with some friends from church.
When these ladies came to visit, we decided a girls shopping trip was in order!  We found some good deals and enjoyed each other’s company immensely.
Rebecca gives great back-rubs!
“Uncle Wiggly”
We love doing cook-outs when weather and schedule permits.  It was was such fun to sit around the fire with these friends, enjoying yummy food and encouraging conversation while in the beautiful woods.
More company!  We had some great conversations in the kitchen with these ladies.:)
We had a wonderful evening cook-out with this family, as well.
We enjoyed having friends over Sunday evening for games and volleyball.
time for some farm work!!
The studying around here has continued to be IMMENSE and INTENSE!  It is just wonderful to see my younger siblings studying the Word of God all over the farm as they prepare for the National Bible Bee Competition (the competition is tomorrow!!!).
Before our last trip we were in need of some new matching outfits.  Josh was a fabulous help in getting those together- he has such a great sense of style!
After countless hours of hard work in the gardens by Mother and company (that would be the five youngest children:), we are enjoying a bountiful harvest.
This little man’s smiles and hugs are always a day brightener!
more study
fresh corn!
At about any hour of the day, Carson can be found working hard somewhere.  He is our fix-it man and farm mechanic.
Hudson helping Dad with the cows.
We love the farm, including the dirt and smells!
potatoes fresh from the soil
We have been putting up some freezer meals in preparation for some very full days coming up with Turning Hearts and Family Camp preparation, company, a cousin’s wedding, and the Turning Hearts and Family Camp events
It has been a joy to have time for some of those “home projects” of late.:)  Months ago, mother asked me to do some painting, and I was finally able to get it done the other day!  
And there you have it!  Life has been full of blessings the past month, and most of all we are grateful for the price Jesus paid for us on Calvary and the joy that knowing Him brings.  Living with our best friends (each other) and serving Jesus together is like the icing on the cake!
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  1. Sounds like ya all r having a fun but busy time. Are any of ya in ya cousins wedding? Ur right, Elizabeth and Husdon could be twines. That's nice that Josh was able to help with making sure the clothes matched. Good painting Allison!
    In Christ,

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