July 6, 2021

To Nationals They Go!


 After months of hard work and hours upon hours upon hours of digging into God’s Word through study & memory…Joshua & Taylor are heading to the
which is held this Wednesday-Saturday in Pigeon Forge, TN! 
Most of their work has been  
A) reciting to someone (anyone!) who will listen =) (pictured above w/ Taylor reciting to Allison)
B) studying with their computer Bible software (pictured below-Joshua)
C) studying the assigned books of the Bible ( for the written test questions) 
D) memorizing on their own
We are very excited to see what God will do this week as they compete in Pigeon Forge, Joshua in the senior division, & Taylor in the primary division.
Visit their bios on the Bible Bee website!
Stay tuned…we’ll be back Thursday night with an update on any Bontragers that may be advancing to semi-finals. =)
Please be in prayer for Joshua & Taylor if you think about it. This has been a big year of study and this is a big week of testing! Please pray for them that the Lord would grant them clear minds, much wisdom, and great memories. =)


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  1. Hi!
    We're here at Nationals. 🙂 We enjoyed seeing the family here yesterday, but we miss the rest of you. Jeannine misses Elizabeth. 🙂
    ~The Groves

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