April 4, 2022

Tonight’s Rehearsal + Wedding Details + Livestream Link!


Today was a full day. Set up was in full swing for BOTH weddings, so we had people at church working on Mitchell + Bryn’s wedding AND crews at home setting up for the double! Lots and lots of action. If you follow us on instagram then you got a little snapshot of the day from our instagram stories. (if you want to get “insider info” and morning-of details tomorrow + Saturday, head on over and follow us @bontragerfamilysingers to watch our stories)

Such a fun rehearsal tonight! Totally different from the double rehearsal—indoors vs outdoors alone makes a huge difference! But there were still lots of details to figure out and work through, as happens with any rehearsal. The bridal party is also a big one (made up of siblings + friends) and we had a grand time together! I think we are all agreed that the cutest part is Rebecca (junior bridesmaid) walking down the aisle pulling wagon that is carrying Logan (Bryn’s nephew). SO ADORABLE! Sadly I hardly got any pictures and this post needs to be short and sweet in order to get to bed soon and catch a few hours before the big day tomorrow! But these are a few pictures!

We made the rehearsal dinner—an italian feast of lasagna, garlic bread, green beans, salad, and cheesecakes.
The church sign says this and it is definitely getting real now!!

In other news. We are so honored that hundreds of friends and family from out-of-state AND out-of-country are taking time out of their lives to travel hundreds of miles to join our family this weekend as we celebrate the beginnings of three new families! Many of you will be here for both wedding days, and many of you are planning to stay the weekend. We wanted to give you a little “visitors guide” to our area, in the chance that you want something to do Saturday morning, in between the weddings, or if you wish to stay over Sunday. Our church is Marion Avenue Baptist Church and is located at 215 S Marion Avenue, Washington, IA. (This is the same church that will host Mitchell and Bryn’s wedding on Saturday) Sunday morning fellowship classes are at 10am and the main service starts at 11am. All are welcome + invited to join us! Evening service is at 6pm

This is Iowa, but in spite of being known for hogs + cornfields, there is lots to do! Kalona, our town, is a little tourist community in between Iowa City/Coralville, and Washington. There is lots of fun shopping + Amish stores/bakery located in Kalona, as well as a number of different restaurants. This wkend is a big weekend for our area because Saturday is the opening day of football season, and the home game is that day in Iowa City. (Hence the full hotels everywhere!!) For those of you staying in Iowa City/Coralville, we would recommend not driving around in that area much Saturday morning before 11am. (when the game starts) Town will be crazy before then!

The livestream link for the weddings will be available tomorrow @ 2pm. Please return here to the blog tomorrow afternoon at that time (or a few minutes later) for the link! For your point of reference, you will also be able to find it by following/visiting our youtube channel.

Reminder that the wedding is at 4:18PM tomorrow, September 1st, and the livestream will be beginning at 4pm!! We hope many of you can follow along!


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  1. Bless you all SO much for these posts and for the livestream!! We will be watching!! So very sad to miss being there this weekend! We are beyond excited and happy for ALL of you all!!!

  2. Utterly exciting!! Thank you for taking us on this journey together with you a little bit !!💞💞🎊🎊 love you all. So wish we could've made it!

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