July 6, 2021



Last night we left our West Virginia concert and all of us except for dad went to sleep
we expected to wake up in Nashville, TN, at the Daywind recording studio, where we were scheduled to record this week.
Instead, we woke up still in West Virginia.
that was a bad sign.
To make a long story short, the transmission is having major issues and we will not be recording today.
instead, the bus is getting towed to a bus repair shop.
Dad went too and the rest of us are “stuck” at a nearby hotel.

We walked in the hotel door looking like a homeless band, if there is such a thing. =)
Everyone was laded down with schoolbooks, Bibles, computers, waterbottles, and instruments.

Would ya’ll pray with us that the bus would get fixed quickly?
We really want to get to Nashville to get a good start on our recording project!

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  1. I feel so sorry for y'all! Sorry that y'all had to postpone your recording. Hope y'all have speedy working bus mechanics!

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