January 29, 2013

There’s this song about treasuring life that’s so good.  So good that I have this excerpt of it at the end of my emails as part of my signature-thing.  

Treasure life.  With a fervour for each moment, taste the joys of mEmories warm and sweet.  You never know what the future brings.  So every day and every night treasure life.”

But today, I need to be reminded of it.  I forget so easily.  One day- I am in awe of the brevity of life and just  know I want to treasure fully the little things.  The next day- I forget in complete.  I  don’t even stop to kiss the little cheeks,{bump noses} with the little sisters, give a hug for no reason at all, tell the big  brothers why I admire them so so much, giggle with Pudge (aka. Hudson), listen to the adventures and aspirations of the little-soon-to-be-big men in my life, make my daddy coffee or give mother chocolate, do some stargazing, or s i n g to Jesus just because.  

It’s not that we try NOT to do these things.  We don’t wake up and think, “I’m going to rush through life.  Today, I will not stop for the little things that are so important.  I’m not going to treasure life.”  No, never do we think those things!  We just forget.  We forget that the little moments bring such joy.  We don’t stop to ponder how short life is and how many regrets we will live with if we do not slow our frantic rush and embrace the beautiful people in our life.  Answer this question: Are you fully engaged in this journey called life?  Are you completely invested in the people around you?  Memories are not made on facebook and pinterest.  Meaningful, life-changing conversations rarely happen through texts.  Sometimes the most beautiful music is that which spontaneously springs from your lips when you are worshipping all by yourself just because you love Him.  

How will you treasure life today?  What moments will you savor?  




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  1. Very good Allison!
    You are right…we need to cherish and treasure the "little" moments in life! <3
    Thank you for sharing!
    Because HE Lives~

  2. That was truly beautiful, Allison. Thank you so much for sharing this convicting, thought-provoking, encouraging reminder with all of us! Time is short (1 Corinthians 7:29) and my prayer is that the life my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with would bring honor and glory to Him. And, yes, there are so many beautiful blessings that our Heavenly Father gives us each day! It saddens me to think of how often I forget to give Him thanks for those gifts. A few years ago I started a thankfulness journal. It has been such an neat way to be able to scribble down blessings and then to look back and be reminded of those gifts! I also appreciated the part of this post about having meaningful conversations and investing in those around you – You have been such an inspiration in this area, Allison, and I have been so blessed by the conversations I've had with you. Anyway, forgive me for rambling on a bit! =) Thank you for this sweet post…It was such a blessing to hear your thoughts written in such a beautiful way, my friend. Much love! <3

    With Joy in our Savior,
    {p.s.} And that picture of Rebecca is just so precious…and just perfect for this post. =)

  3. Hey Allison,
    That's so encouraging to me!!! Ur right about the cherishing moments! The r the bomb! Ur family is such a blessing to me! I love the fact that u all sing about God! It's so encouraging to hear!
    In Christ,

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