July 6, 2021

Update From Nationals!


Hello, dear friends, reading on the blog! 
It has been a fabulous few days here at Bible Bee for the parents and Josh, Denver, Taylor, Liz, Hudson, & Rebecca! The other four of us drove down and surprised them last night in time for the semi-finalist announcement ceremony. We’ve been having a wonderful time together. 
(for more updates from last night + today, please see this post)
As of this evening, we are thrilled to announce that Josh has qualified as a finalist for the senior division, and Taylor has qualified as a finalist in the junior division!

Some of y’all have been watching the competitions already via live stream, but for those of you who haven’t yet, I would HIGHLY encourage you to tune in tomorrow to watch the final competition rounds! It is the most intense part of the entire Bible Bee program and you don’t want to miss it! Find the link to watch the live stream here.
The primary division will be from 8:30-10:30am.
Junior division is from 11:30am-1:30pm.
Senior division is from 2:30-4:30pm.
(all times CST)
Even if you can only tune in for a part of it, I would highly encourage y’all to check it out and follow along even for a bit!

All of us, celebrating after today’s semi-final rounds!

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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Only 40 something mins until the live stream starts ahhh can't wait I'm so happy for everyone hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys

  2. This is so exciting!! Some of us will be watching the live stream today. 🙂 Grateful that my mom and sister could be there to see it all in person. Bethany so enjoyed participating in the Bible Bee this year, and making it on to nationals. What an encouragement to see all these young people faithfully hiding God's Word in their hearts!

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