July 6, 2021

Watch Night Service


(on the stage: the young men who preached, along with our pastor on the far left)
 On December 30th, our church had its annual Watch Night Service. 
Since we have only been attending MABC since April, this was our first time to be a part of this special service.
Instead of our pastor preaching, any young guys that wanted to were given the opportunity to preach for 5-10 minutes each. Three of my brothers (Mitchell, Joshua, & Denver) preached along with 5 other young guys. 
It was an incredible service filled with lots of music and then of course the challenges from God’s Word brought from 13 to 20yr olds.


 I wish there was someway I could share the actual messages in audio on here-they were incredible!
I sat in my pew with a heart overflowing with thankfulness for brothers who love the Lord and aren’t ashamed to stand up and say so!
 The next generation of preachers!
Afterwards we had a chili cookoff contest for the church guys…
AND a pie making contest for the church ladies!!!
beautiful pies…
many, many pots of yummy chili
Dad helped tally the scores
(yes, thats my sis there! I knew she would win 1st!!Now if I can just get her to share her $100 prize with me…=))


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  1. That was a GREAT night! Some very good messages! Was so good to hear those guys preach! And then the chili cook off and pie contest! It was great! Good job Allison and Lizzie! YAY! And everyone else! -Mary Ebersole

  2. Wow! That's amazing. I'm glad they were privileged with the chance to share their hearts from God's Word.


  3. Hello to all of the Bontrager's,
    That's so sweet that the boys got to preach! Allison good job! What pie did u make Allison?
    In Christ,

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