July 6, 2021

We Care Tour Photos

We have been enjoying our time traveling with the We Care folks on their spring fundraising tour.  We have been in nursing homes, churches, and restaurants in South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois.
the little ones singing “Do Right”
We loved observing the presentation and enjoying the delicious food at the restaurants where we did programs.
playing prelude music
the seated crowd
Dad and Taylor discussing something:)
tear down time
Mitchell & Carson
Hudson and Rebecca-eating cherry tomatoes!
Josh + his dobro
the girls
Josh, Denver, Chelsy, & Liz 
Rebecca & Mother
Mother & Father
beautiful strawberry shortcake
the instruments
more prelude music……we enjoyed playing instrumental pieces together at the start of the banquets.


prison crusade, winter tour 2014

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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. that's so cool! we love doing prelude music together too. 🙂 love you guys! and see you tomorrow! -Sarah

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