July 6, 2021

Weddings in June…


June 2012 was, no doubt, the month of many weddings. 
We attended four, in three different states, and although at each one I did not have an ideal seat for taking pictures, still…I could not resist capturing the little I could see in spite of the rows of heads that annoyingly obstructed my view. =)
Each were unique, beautiful, and Christ-centered. 
And...each couple waited til the wedding day for their first kiss!!
::June 30th::
Rachel Wissmann & Alan Busenitz
prelude music was done by the worlds most incredible string quartet, Resounding Strings
(the Query siblings are AMAZING musicians and I’m just going to do a little free advertising for them right now—if you want a string quartet at your wedding or event you need to call them!)
Rachels siblings singing during the ceremony
beautiful bridesmaids…
the FIRST kiss!!
presenting…Mr. & Mrs. Buesenitz!!
::June 22nd::
Leah Brown & Jeffrey Harrel
Allison played violin for the wedding. It was special for her to get to play with her very first violin teacher, Sheila Reim.
The music was….gorgeous. 
Bar none.
(and I’m not saying that just cause she’s my sister! It seriously was amazing)
 Leah’s older brother (who is our pastor) and his wife sang for the wedding….more beautiful music!
prayer after lighting the unity candle
 the bride & groom with the brides siblings
gorgeous reception…
::June 16th::
Emily Lapp & Justin Stoltzfus
The pouring of three different colors of sand represented God, Justin, & Emily
the parents praying a blessing
The bridal table was stunning

cutting the cake…

the groomsmen got these awesome shoes to wear to the reception.
I loved the idea. =)

my cousins…
Justin with his brothers
heading out!
::June 2nd::
Anna Rehm & Aaron Grady…
Allison sang in the ceremony and also played violin for the processional & recessional


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  1. What a great month! That's so wonderful that Allison was able to be a part in 2 of the weddings with music. Looking forward to more posts!
    In Christ, Josie

  2. Looks like you got some good photos, Chelsy. The brides are beautiful. Rachel Wissmann's bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous!!! The pattern and color.

    Abi Wissmann's sister, Anna got married?!

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Rebecca

  3. awesome! Such beautiful weddings,my brothers getting married in Aug. and their theme is blue so its neat to see 2 other weddings with the same colors. 🙂

  4. Awesome! These pics are living proof that a first kiss at the marriage altar CAN be, and IS beautiful! Who's ever regretted not doing that; I'd like to know? Although I didn't actually do that, my husband was the only man I ever kissed, and I SO cherish that, even though I lost him after only 7 1/2 years of marriage.
    Also, it's living proof that modest wedding dresses CAN be, and ARE beautiful. I wonder why so many women feel they need to go strapless?(well, then again, I was a December bride in cold Manitoba)
    Either way, thanks for sharing. I hope this blog is still going by the time the first of your family gets married

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