August 2, 2018

Singing, singing, singing!  We traveled in Pennsylvania, singing at a variety of churches and a weekend community even. 

Denver had some great help tearing down equipment one evening. It looks like he may have gotten a ride while these strong guys did all the work……grin.:)

As always, we did many hours of study and office work. Above, Allison (taking the photo) and Taylor enjoyed a work date- office work for Allison and English course work for Taylor. This summer Taylor has been taking an accelerated online English course. Because he spends 10-15 hours per week on this course, a quiet place to study is always appreciated!
Allison has taken over doing the family’s laundry on the road, and this particular morning, we dropped her off at a quiet little laundromat to do the week’s laundry. 
Two of Mother’s sisters live in PA, so we enjoyed a little quality time with their families in between concerts and travel.
Mother’s oldest sister teaching her a new crocheting pattern.
Corn husking with the cousins!

A sweet friend of Allison’s took “the kids” (Bontragers minus parents:) out for phenomenal hard ice cream one afternoon. 
And that’s a little update from the traveling Bontragers! 
We’d love to hear from you! 
What is one of the best memories of your summer so far? 
Please join the conversation in the comments!


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  1. Hi Bontrager family! I love to see your posts and pictures!
    Definitely for me, the most fun times I've had this summer are family days when we actually get all nine of us together for kayaking, swimming or sports. There was one afternoon when we were kayaking in one of the coastal creeks off of one of the major rivers near us when a storm rolled in. Everything was so beautiful and the wind in the marsh made such a pleasant scene. We all ran for cover when the downpour began 🙂 I'm so thankful for all of these times that I can spend with my siblings, whether its eating ice cream, or giving shoulder massages, or talking (alot!), I know that I will never regret time spent with my family!

  2. Clara, those family times sounds amazing! You will definitely never regret a single moment thus spent. We have found, with all the changes in our family, that we treasure the times when we were all together, and are more aware of the gift of the new memories we are making.

  3. Oh I love time with family, especially with those who are in different states. The best memory of our summer so far may sound weird and rather dangerous was being caught in a severe thunderstorms. Right now in AZ we are in monsoon season and believe me some of our thunderstorms can be rather intense.
    Anyway, we were shopping at Walmart about three weeks ago when it started raining and hailing really hard to we could hear it on the roof of the store. The thunder was very loud and we thought by the time we were done shopping the storm would be over. Nope! The storm showed no signs of stopping. Some shoppers were waiting by the door before they made a dash for their cars. We did briefly but we decided to make a run for our car with our cart. Now there was frequent lightning mind you and the rain was still coming down so hard it was like having water poured on us. It seems raindrops here are larger than in CA. Anyway, my husband was concerned for our safety so he yelled for me and our two daughters to get into the car, while he quickly unloaded the car. I was silently praying for the Lord to keep him safe.

    So why is that a favorite memory you might ask? It's because we witnessed God's amazing power. Of course I rather watch His power from the comfort(and safety!) of my home with a cup of tea!

  4. Love your family!!
    Wish God helps mine to be as united as this. If you don't mind my asking, don't yall have small arguments or fights at home, particularly among the siblings? How do y'all go about it? This is one thing I have not been able to tackle considering I have only 1 sister😪
    God give me grace.

  5. Hi Hannah,

    In answer to your question- we are a pretty opinionated family of some rather strong personalities, so we definitely don't always see eye to eye! But we are continually learning to "do conflict well". For us, that means cultivating an environment of grace and love where we are free to share our thoughts and be met with kindness. We don't really "argue" or "fight" but we do disagree at times, if that makes sense.:) We have found that how conflicts are handled and the love we show to each other makes a huge difference, along with investing in our relationships.

    thanks for reading!

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