July 6, 2021

Weekend Memories


Grandpa & Grandma Stoltzfus drove down from PA and surprised us!
Here is Grandpa with two of his 8 ladies. (the other six being my aunts)
Visiting with cousins and grandpas  in our “living room”
Chores on the farm with cousin Ernie
Denver & Taylor enjoying the baby lambs
Liz & Ernie
We were so thrilled to spend Monday evening and part of Tuesday with our “second family”, the Grabers. Other friends joined us on Monday night for a full house of food, friends, & fellowship.
smiles from the cleanup crew…..
more smiles…
…and more smiles!
physical exercise
the two Rebeccas
Apples to Apples….it is best at midnight 😉
stories with Deanna!
~posted by chels


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Happenings at the farm:)

Happenings at the farm:)
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  1. Your Grandpa is lucky to have 6 other ladies, but I'm lucky to have 6 brothers!! (grin)

    P.S. I'll see you on Tuesday, right?

  2. Nice to see all is well.
    Praying for yall on this trip…
    More photo's would be enjoyed!
    Chelsey~ we have not seen to much of you dear?
    Thinking of you all as you travel along sharing Christ!
    BLessings dear friends~
    ~Mrs Mayo

  3. Who in the WORLD is that hairy guy?! =)
    It looks like you all had a fabulous time! =) And Apples to Apples at midnight had to have been beyond hilarious! =)

    love you all!

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