August 7, 2010
Home Sweet Home!
Hence, no posting.
Until now!
Our family has spent the last 2 weeks working hard on the farm! (and loving every minute of it!) Amongst other things, we have been busy with gardening/weeding, freezing & eating yummy garden produce, baking/cooking, deep cleaning, mowing the yard, fixing equipment, raking & baling hay, cleaning the shop in preparation for upcoming events, freezing/canning chicken, and hosting a neighborhood picnic and a  Home Health Seminar. As if there wasn’t enough excitement already, we also had a mini-flood the beginning of this week.
For now, I’ll let the pictures tell the story—–



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  1. Found your blog today and loved reading about your family. God has given us a ministry in the city, but the pictures of farm-life are so amazing; I think I could convert to country-life in a heartbeat. :>

  2. OOOHHH! I miss you guys and girls and hanging out at your farm! What a nice set of pictures! Thanks for posting!
    Amy Greer
    for the Greer Family

    P.S. Are you still thinking to come to CA next year??

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