Why Christians Should Vote for Ted Cruz 
We stand at a critical time in American history. After seven years of our current administration, the American people people are tired of the liberal policies of Barack Obama. They are tired of an overreaching federal government which has trampled on our God-given rights, ignored the Constitution, and greatly restricted the freedom of the American people. After experiencing the disastrous effects of Obama’s policies, we may be tempted to believe that all of our problems in government will be solved if we just elect another Republican to the White House. However, we must all understand that it is not enough to simply to put any Republican in the Oval Office. In this time of crisis, it is vitally important that we elect a Republican who truly shares our values and who will fight our enemies in both political parties. I believe that of all the candidates running in this election cycle, Ted Cruz is the best equipped one of them all to take our country back to the conservative policies of Ronald Reagan. Here are several reasons why I believe you should consider voting for Ted Cruz in the up-coming Iowa Caucuses. 
First, Ted Cruz understands and follows the Constitution. Although our current President has largely ignored the Constitution, Ted Cruz firmly believes that the Constitution is the standard to which American Government must adhere to. From a young age, Cruz memorized the United States Constitution, and studied it intensely. In addition to thoroughly understanding the Constitution, Ted Cruz has fought tirelessly to defend the same Constitutional rights he so firmly espouses. As a lawyer in private practice, and as Solicitor General of Texas, Cruz passionately defended our constitutional rights, including religious liberty, United States sovereignty, and the right to bear arms. I challenge you to find another candidate who understands, believes, and and follows the Constitution to the extent that Ted Cruz does. 
Second, Cruz is a proven conservative with a consistent record. The term “conservative” is one of the most mis-used and abused terms in American politics today. If you were to ask any of the Republican candidates running for President if they are a “conservative,” they would most likely respond in the affirmative. However, true conservatism in a candidate must be judged, not by words, but by actions. I believe that Ted Cruz stands apart from other “campaign conservatives,” because unlike many candidates who say when thing while on the campaign trail but do another once elected, Ted Cruz actually keeps his promises. When Ted Cruz campaigned for the Senate in Texas, he promised the Texan people that he would fight their fights, and stand up for their values. Since taking office in the Senate, Ted Cruz has done exactly that. He has not compromised but instead has led the fight to repeal Obamacare, helped lead the fight against amnesty, and has stood up against the cronyism present in both political parties. 
Third, he is the only candidate running who has been willing to stand up to the leadership of his own party time after time. In the Senate, Ted Cruz has been willing to fight for our values and to boldly stand up to not only the Democrats but to his fellow Republicans as well. In February of 2013, President Obama wanted Congress to raise the debt ceiling, so he could continue his irresponsible spending. After the bill to raise the debt-ceiling passed the House, the measure was introduced to the Senate for consideration. Under ordinary Senate rules, raising the debt ceiling required a minimum of 60 votes, unless all 100 senators agreed to change the rules to allow a simple majority vote. Shockingly, the Republican leadership urged all 45 Republican senators to unanimously consent to change the rules to allow a simple majority vote. If all 45 Republican senators unanimously consented with the 55 Democrat senators to change the rules to allow a simple majority vote, then the Republican Senators could all go home and tell their constituents that they had fought to stop the debt-ceiling increase, but had failed. When the Republican leadership pressed the 45 Republican Senators to simply go along, only Ted Cruz, along with Mike Lee, stood up in demanding a 60-vote threshold. The Republican leadership was infuriated that Cruz would not allow them to dishonestly mislead their constituents. When the Republican leadership could not change the rules by unanimous consent, 12 Republican Senators joined the Democrats in passing the debt ceiling increase. Although our own public officials have so often betrayed us, Ted Cruz has kept the promises he made to the Texans who voted him for Senator. When you vote for Ted Cruz, you can rest assured that he will keep his word. In Ted Cruz we have a candidate who is more than a career politician, because Cruz is a trusted statesman committed to the cause of liberty. 
Fourth, I believe that Ted Cruz is the candidate with the best chance at defeating the Democrat nominee in the fall. Some would argue that a consistent conservative cannot win a general election, so therefore we must settle for a more moderate candidate. Let me simply respond to these skeptics by asking, “Where are Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney?” Why did they not win against Democrat candidates? Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney all won their party’s nomination, yet failed to win in the general election because they refused to stand by principle, instead watering down their message in an attempt to attract voters from the other side. I believe that we will only win elections when we draw a stark contrast between conservatism and liberalism. We will win when we stand by our principles, not when we abandon them. Cruz himself has said that we need to “nominate a candidate who is as committed to conservative principles as Barack Obama is to liberal principles.” I believe that Ted Cruz would be a strong general election candidate who would attract voters in two ways. First, Cruz would motivate the conservative base to turn out in greater numbers. He would attract evangelicals and disaffected conservatives who stayed home in previous elections because they were reluctant to support a Republican they felt did not truly share their values. Secondly, I believe that Cruz would attract Democrat voters who are tired of career politicians who just play politics rather than standing by principle. 
The American people are ready for a President who speaks the truth and keeps his word. I believe that Cruz will attract voters who see in Ted a candidate they can trust to do exactly what he says. Ted Cruz can connect with voters because Ted Cruz has the unique ability to communicate the conservative message with clarity and boldness. But there is one more important thing to mention about Senator Cruz. He is a former Princeton debate champ! When he hits the stage to debate, truth goes forth in a clear and concise message. If we nominate a committed conservative like Ted Cruz who will stand for principle and expose the lies of the left, this is how we will win in 2016. 
Fifth, Ted Cruz is a born-again Christian who loves the Lord and is not ashamed of his faith. Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.” Our country’s greatest problem is not the economy, the military, the national debt, or the liberal agenda of the left. Our nation’s problems all stem from our nation’s greatest sin, the sin of forgetting God. Jonah chapter 3 describes the repentance of Nineveh, a national repentance that began with the king of Nineveh, who first humbled himself, and then called Nineveh to repent. In like manner, we need as President a man who recognizes our nation’s sin against Almighty God and who calls for national repentance and a returning to the Lord. We need more than a candidate who promises to “make America great again;” we need a candidate who will lead the nation in righteousness. Ted Cruz has said that “any President who does not begin every day on his knees is not fit to be commander-in-chief of this country.” This is the type of man we need as our next President. 
As conservatives, we must remain divided no more, but we must coalesce around a candidate who fights for our fights and share our values. This may be our best chance in a long time to elect a committed conservative to the White House. If you believe in the Constitution, Biblical values, and limited government, then Ted Cruz is your man. If you believe that America is still worth fighting for, I encourage you to get out in the primaries and cast your ballot for Ted Cruz. Join the movement of courageous conservatives, and together we can take this country back and once again reignite the promise of America. To learn more, go to tedcruz.org.
{Article written by Joshua Bontrager}

Below is a video clip you may enjoy watching. It is a recent interview/endorsement with Marlin Bontrager and the Benham Brothers that was done backstage one day at the recent Bible Bee Game Show
Also visit Chelsy’s Blog for her article posted today, “A Call To Action…Your Duty To Vote”.



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  1. AHEM JOSHUA lov it I pray an pray as stand as we stand fight an pray as teds army that more more people will join the fight an will change America big time lets do so we are in together go Ted hugs lov u an God bless u guys 😉

  2. Who are you going to vote for when Cruz quits? He has NO chance. Neither do Huckabee or Santorum or Paul or Trump or Bush. There is not one Republican who can win. Such a sad group of opportunists.

  3. I find your comment funny. Recent polls had Senator Cruz beating Hillary Clinton in a head to head quite easily.
    Both the Bontragers and I know Ted Cruz and know he's a man of principle and convictions. He is making the case right now. He spoke to over 3500 people yesterday in Iowa. I see the rivival of American values happening.

  4. Wow, such a great post Joshua. I totally agree with everything you said. I think that every Christian should be voting because our votes do count. I will definitely be voting for Ted Cruz! Thanks for supporting him. Sarah S.

  5. I do not belong to a political party, but I did vote for Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton twice, and Barak Obama twice. I am completely fascinated and interested in the argument Joshua makes in his defense of Ted Cruz. There is a lot that unnerves me about Ted Cruz, and I've read articles showing he is quite possibly more dangerous to this country than Donald Trump (who I definitely do NOT support.) I believe Senator Cruz and Mr. Trump are the two leading Republican candidates going into Iowa? I am curious to see who comes out ahead. I would like for you to share who you might support if Senator Cruz does not win his parties nomination? You certainly do not have to share this, I am simply curious. For the record, I am supporting Bernie. I am ready for thinking outside the box and getting back to caring about all the people in this country and world–imagine all the world living life in peace. Blessings, Mari

  6. While I agree with you on the need for strong conservative leadership in America, I wonder why you chose to support Cruz over Carson. Both are Godly men who stand up for what is right. Could you share how you came to support Cruz? Thanks!

  7. Very nicely written article for the man we intend on voting for. Would it be possible to copy this article to post on our family blog? I would be happy to give credit where credit is due.

  8. To respond to Anonymous who asked about Cruz vs Carson,

    I would like to mention several reasons why I believe that Ted Cruz is better equipped than Ben Carson to be our next President.
    First, as I referred to in the article above, Cruz has a proven track record of standing up for American values. In contrast to Cruz's proven record, Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon who is relatively new to the political process without a track record to run on. Ben Carson is very inspiring, but because he has never been involved in the political process before, it is impossible to know what a Carson Presidency would look like until he actually takes office. We don't have to wonder what a Cruz Presidency would look like, because we can see what Cruz has already done.
    Second, Cruz is much better debater than Carson. Cruz has the ability to communicate the conservative vision to the American people, and to contrast that vision with the progressive agenda. Carson, on the other hand, has struggled in the Republican debates so far. Carson specifically struggles answering policy questions, and I fear that if he were the nominee, he would have a hard time answering those difficult questions.
    Last, and most important, the next President will most likely get to appoint one to four Supreme Court Justices. The Supreme Court has tremendous power for good or for evil, as we saw last summer with the Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage. I believe that Ted Cruz, with his understanding of the Constitution, and his record of defending it, knows how to vet prospective justices. Cruz would appoint to the Court consistent conservatives who could make a powerful difference. Who do you think would do a better job at appointing the next Supreme Court justices, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson?

    I think very highly of Ben Carson (in fact, my brother Carson is actually named after Ben Carson and we have read Ben Carson's book and followed his story for years) but when it comes to selecting our next President, I believe that Ted Cruz is the man for the job because Cruz believes what I believe, has spend his lifetime defending those values, and can be trusted to do the same when he takes his place in the oval office.

    Thanks for your question!
    -Josh Bontrager

  9. Marileigh,
    Thanks for your comment!

    I love Ted Cruz and I believe that he would be an excellent President! As far as Ted Cruz being dangerous, I agree that he is definitely dangerous to the Washington Cartel, and those who don't believe in conservative values, including the mainstream media. Most of the liberal media who is putting out the articles and videos you mentioned believe that Cruz is dangerous, because they know that if Cruz wins, he will fight for American values and will not compromise.
    Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are still the frontrunners in Iowa. At this point we have not considered or prayed about what we would if Senator Cruz did not get the nomination.

    Thanks for your thoughts about my article; I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

    -Josh Bontrager

  10. Great article, and good points! I think that Psalm 12:8 accurately describes the condition of our country right now.

    I did have one question, though. Do you think a conservative leader such as Cruz would be able to stand in Washington? As in, if he were to be elected as President, would he, with his conservative values, be able to actually make changes in our country? Wouldn't there have to be a higher percentage of conservatives in the Senate/House/etc in order for a better government to be established?

    Also, I think another person asked about Huckabee? What about the other conservatives running for office? (Huckabee, Santorum, etc)

  11. Response to last two comments (Kenzie + anonymous)

    Josh is responding to all the comments on this post and he is gone taking college tests at the university this morning, but when he gets home he will respond to y'all! Thanks for your questions! =)

  12. In response to Anonymous' first question,

    When it comes to Cruz standing up in Washington, all you have to do is to look at his past record of standing up to Washington. I am confident that Cruz, if elected President, will stand up to Washington in the future because he already has in the past. In regards to Cruz being able to make changes in our country, there is a lot that a President can do to chart the course for our country, and although Cruz may not accomplish all of his goals, I believe that his strong leadership would go a long way to usher in meaningful reforms.

    Thanks for your questions!

    ~Josh Bontrager

  13. In response to Anonymous and Kenzie about Huckabee and other conservatives running,

    I believe that the nomination is now a two-way race between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not a Christian (it's pretty clear from what he has said himself) and before running for President, he never stood up for conservative values. In contrast, Ted Cruz is unashamed of his faith in God, and has a proven record of standing on conservative principles. At this point, if you want a true conservative Ted Cruz is pretty much your only choice. There are several other decent conservatives running right now, but only Ted Cruz has a chance to beat Donald Trump.

    ~Josh Bontrager

  14. Thanks so much for your thoughtful answers, Josh! I appreciate the information. Much prayer is needed for our country; but no matter what happens,we still trust in God!

  15. One day a few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking to one of the main people that is with Cruz in Des Moines that he enjoyed that the whole part has prayer before they start every morning. I was also told that her son goes to a school in Iowa that the students conduct prayer at school every morning. I will not mention the school as I do not want anyone to get in trouble if something is wrong as I am so happy & surprised that I actually found at least 1 school that has prayer & I myself will not do anything to hurt that privileged for them. I think most of the Bontrager family knows how to contact me if needed. If anyone would really need to know the school then I will leave it up to this family to decide how to handle this as I enjoy what friendship that I have with them & want to keep it or expand if possible. I just want to thank the whole Bontrager family.

  16. Did you know this was never set up to be a godly nation? The constitution is loosely based on biblical principles because the founding fathers felt it would hold more weight. Most of the founding fathers were deist so they believed that God doesn't have anything to do with what happens on this earth. The first bill of rights says "congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…"
    Article 11 of the treaty of Tripoli says "as the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion, as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws… It is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."
    We have religious freedom in this country. Religious freedom is the freedom to practice all religions, not just the Christian ones, in whatever way you see fit as long as it doesn't do harm to yourself or anyone else.
    We also have the separation of church and state. While I am okay with a president being Christian and practicing his or her faith in their lives I am not okay with it being forced on me.
    What is wrong with Bernie sanders becoming president? True he is a socialist but he also has a lot of good things he would like to do for this country.

  17. Bill,

    Ben Carson is a great man, and the thought of a Cruz-Carson ticket has crossed my mind. I really have no idea who Ted Cruz would pick for his running mate, but I trust Cruz's judgment to pick the right running man if he were the nominee.

    ~Josh Bontrager

  18. Lor,

    Thank you for your comment, but I must beg to differ.

    First, when you say that America was never set up to be a godly nation, you ignore the overwhelming record of history. Many of the founders were devout Christians. Of course, while there were some (Jefferson and Franklin for example) who were deists, the majority professed faith in Christ. In fact, one of the founders, John Adams, said this: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

    Secondly, when you speak of the establishment of religion, you again fail to understand the original intent of the founders. You see, the founders specifically put the establishment clause in the Bill of Rights to prevent the ascendency of a national denomination. They had no problem with Christianity, just with a state-church or denomination. They had no idea that their own words would later be twisted to exclude Christianity in the public square to be replaced with the religion of secularism.

    Third, concerning the Treaty of Tripoli, you are speaking out of context. I encourage you to take the entire treaty in its entirety. In context, what the treaty meant was that America did not act like the other "Christian" nations who attacked Muslims just because they were Muslims. If you wish to learn more, I have included a link to an article that fully explains the treaty.

    Fourth, separation of church and state is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson used the phrase in a letter to the Danbury Baptists, who were concerned about the establishment of a national denomination. Jefferson used the phrase "separation of church and state," to denote a one-way wall in which the state could not interfere with the church, but any Christians could participate in the government.

    Who is forcing Christianity on you, may I ask? The problem is that religious liberty is being restricted in America because some people who hate Christianity wish for all Christians to endorse their sinful lifestyles. I agree that all people should have freedom to choose whatever religion they wish to live by. However, Christianity has been attacked by those who ignore our Biblical founding and want America to become secularized.

    Bernie Sanders may love America, but his ideas are faulty, and if implemented would lead to the downfall of our great county. It never works to redistribute the wealth like Bernie wants to do. Who is going to pay for all of his proposed free-handouts? Bernie proposes free college, free healthcare, and a higher minimum wage. His policies reward the American lazy while punishing the diligent entrepreneurs who are the core of our capitalist system.

    -Joshua Bontrager

  19. Anonymous,

    Senator Cruz didn't cheat. Unfortunately that whole situation was misrepresented to the public by the media. (remember that the media hates Cruz and they are doing EVERYTHING in their power to tear him down)

    A more accurate accusation would be to find the Carson staff member who released the information to CNN, and then to accuse CNN for publishing it before confirming.
    It is also quite interesting that the media instantly attacked the Cruz campaign (I say his campaign, because it was his staff that retweeted the comment, not Cruz) and yet said NOTHING about Rubio's campaign, who did the exact same thing.

    Honestly, I see nothing that was done wrong. If I had been part of either Cruz or Rubio's staff and had, directly prior to caucus time, seen a statement released by CNN that a Carson staff member had told them that "Carson was going home to rest, instead of continuing his campaign in the next state", I would have seen nothing wrong with sharing that information with others, either.

    Finally, Carson did not lose Iowa due to this situation. There may have been a few votes swayed, but nothing that would have made a remote difference. It was only at four different caucus sites that the information was released before voting, and even if everyone at all four of those sites would have voted for Carson it wouldn't have made the slightest difference.

    Although I am an Iowan, I do not like our governor Branstad—he is an extremely liberal and ungodly man and the fact that he came out the day before the caucus and publicly told our state DO NOT VOTE FOR CRUZ, just confirms what I already know and believe-that Cruz is a true conservative.

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