Our family, in the past several years especially, has begun to closely follow politics and more of what is happening in our nation. As my brothers have grown older they have become very passionate about this, and they know so much about what is going on in our nation + government, simply because they study and read and choose to be informed. 

Our family is excited about this upcoming election. It has been awhile since we were actually thrilled about a presidential candidate, because the candidates haven’t been that great in the last several elections. 

This election, however, is different. We actually have more than one born-again Christ follower who is running! PTL! For quite some weeks now, our family has carefully researched which candidate we would endorse. We are all very opinionated so we had varying views for a while. Back in March we were split down the middle in our family, with six _____ fans, five _______fans, and one undecided family member. =) The boys especially would debate and rationalize and study and talk some more. I remember one particular discussion the beginning of March when we were traveling in the van. (while our bus was broken down) Allison and I were sitting in the middle seat. There was a ______ fan driving and two _____ fans sitting in the seat behind us, and the conversation got a little heated! (Allison and I just sat there and listened and shook our heads, thinking that it would be a miracle if all of our men could actually get on the same page and endorse the same guy =))
To make a long story short, in April they all ended up personally endorsing the same candidate. Our family likes to be “all in” on our family projects, and on this we are now completely unified and ALL IN. God has given our nation an incredible candidate in Senator Ted Cruz and we are so excited to be able to whole-heartedly and completely give him our support.

My father has joined the Iowa Leadership Team and will be campaigning for Cruz in District two. Our whole family is united in working together on this project and we are excited for what God has been doing already and what He will continue to do! 
Our political research team {aka Josh + Denver} are keeping us up-to-date and abreast of all the happenings. 
Josh wrote the following statement (in italics) about why we are choosing to support Ted Cruz.

“We live in a nation of chaos. Our liberties are being stripped away, our values trampled upon, and our voice has been all but silenced. Our President has decided that he would rather have us be a backward communist nation than a nation of opportunity and hope. Obama has decreased our liberties by increasing the size of the federal government.  Sadly too few seem to have noticed. We have leaders who just play politics and are more concerned about getting re-elected than about orchestrating lasting change. What we need is a LEADER. We need someone who will stand up boldly for truth and who follows principles, not just politics. There are many candidates who are running this election, but I believe we have a man running who will stand for our values and defend our liberties from oppression.

      I believe Ted Cruz is the MAN who will STAND. Ted Cruz has a proven record of standing strong for conservative and biblical values. He has defended our liberties from the encroachment of those who would take them away. He has stood firm for religious liberty and defends the biblical definition of life and marriage. Ted Cruz believes that the stronger America is, the safer the world will be. He believes that the Constitution, not liberal ideology, is our nation’s guide and roadmap. He believes in the promise of America and economic opportunity for all. Ted Cruz stands strong on the conservative principles that He has always stood for. This is why I believe Senator Cruz should be our next President.”

“If my people,  who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven 
and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14

-Joshua Bontrager

You may be asking “What can I do?”
Here are a few ideas!


-Visit Ted Cruz’s website
-Get involved
{Denver, Mom, Dad, Mitchell, Josh, + Taylor with Senator Ted Cruz, at a recent rally}

“When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, 
but when the wicked beareth rule the people mourn.”
Proverbs 29:2

“Righteousness exalted a nation, 
but sin is a reproach to any people.” 
Proverbs 14:34

{posted by Joshua + Chelsy}


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  1. Just a thought that you might want to consider…..How can you support Ted Cruz when he is not a born American Citizen? Doesn't that fall under the unconstitutional category?

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the question, but you are misinformed. Just because he was not born in the USA does not mean that he was not a natural born US citizen as the constitution states. There are two ways for a person to be born a natural US citizen. 1. If you are born in the US you are a natural born US citizen. 2. If both of your parents were US citizens when you were born, even if they are not currently in the country, (as in the case of Senator Cruz because his parents were working in the Canadian oil fields) you are also a natural born US citizen.
    Also, there is a precedent in this case. The Republican nominee in 2008 (John Mccain) was born overseas because his parents were serving in the military. Thank you for your comment and feel free to comment again if you have any more questions.
    -Denver Bontrager

  3. All eyes are on Iowa! You are blessed to live in the first state to vote in the primary, and with that blessing comes a responsibility. Thank you so much for taking this responsibility seriously, studying the candidates, and getting involved. My state's primary comes so late in the process that by that time, we really don't have a choice. Although we have several great candidates running this time, we support Ted Cruz. We've given to his campaign and have been praying. Now it will be a privilege to lift your family up to the Lord as you take on such important work for our nation. I look forward to reading about your election experiences and insights!

    God bless you,

  4. ok, so i didn't word that right…what i meant was that he does not have a US birth certificate. yah, i think he's a great guy but he's not fit to be president. (simply in that area) that's as bad as what Obama has done…

  5. OK. I think I understand, but he does not constitutionally have to have a US birth certificate. He just has to be a natural born US citizen (as explained in previous comment). It would be as if your parents were on the mission field when you were born. If they were US citizens you would be able to run for President. The reason that this is not the same as what Obama has done is because Obama was not born to US citizens- thus, he was not a natural born US citizen. I hope this clarifies the situation.
    -Denver Bontrager

  6. Hahaha!! lol you have great answers to super easy questions. I've asked a few people the same questions and all they do is him-haw at me 🙂 Keep on doing your studies on the situation…you're doing a great job at it 🙂

  7. Hello,

    I have a couple questions about Cruz. I am pretty sure that he is the candidate I want to vote for, but I have read a couple disturbing things about him.

    1) I read that he has made some derogatory comments about African Americans in the past. DO you know if this is true or not, or if the newspapers twisted up the stories? As I am a Christian, I do not wish to vote for a racist candidate.

    2) What websites are good for learning what Ted Cruz stands for?


  8. Hello Anonymous,

    In regard to the Senator's comments on race, I have not seen any derogatory comments from Cruz directed towards African Americans. However, if you would send me the specific article in which Senator Cruz allegedly made these comments, I would be happy to read it and reply to any concerns you might have regarding this. In addition, I have personally met Senator Ted Cruz and know him to be a Christian man who loves all people and believes that everyone, regardless of skin color, is precious in the sight of God.
    A great resource for finding out what various candidates believe is http://www.ontheissues.org. Specifically for Cruz, he has a great website that I would definitely encourage you to visit to read more about him. http://www.tedcruz.org

    Joshua Bontrager (jo***************@gm***.com)

  9. Hello, Joshua,

    Thanks so much for the response! That's really wonderful that you met him.

    In February he supposedly tweeted a racist tweet (article at http://www.notyourhomepage.com/ted-cruz-deletes-racist-obama-tweet-what-does-a-black-man-know-about-a-budget/ ) Of course, there are hackers and things like that, but if he did tweet that, it seems pretty racist to me.

    He has also defended some of Trumps super racist comments (Trump has basically said that all Mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers, etc, I know some very wonderful Hispanic/Latino people, and I am pretty sure that most immigrants just want a better life for themselves and their families, obviously there are some that are like that, but I don't think most of them are). Article at http://theweek.com/speedreads/563845/ted-cruz-defends-donald-trumps-racist-comments

    Thanks so much again!



  10. Hello Larissa,

    Thank you for your concerns. I understand why you might feel this way.

    We both know that Senator Cruz denied having posted the racial Twitter comment. From what I know of the Senator, I have not seen any racial bias. However, it's up to you to decide whether or not to believe Senator Cruz.

    In regards to Donald Trump on immigration, I think that many people find his "honesty" refreshing! Illegal immigration is definitely a problem that needs to be fixed, and Senator Cruz agrees. Although most of the people coming across the border are not rapists, murderers, etc., we must remember that this nation is a nation of laws. This is one of the things that made America great. Yet we both know that Senator Cruz does not agree with Donald Trump's assessment of all the illegal immigrants being the sorts of people described above. Here is what Senator Cruz himself said in the article that you sent me:
    "They're not mostly that. But Donald Trump — he has a way of speaking that gets attention. And I credit him for focusing on an issue that needs to be focused on." He also said, "I don't think you should apologize for speaking out against the problem that is illegal immigration. Donald Trump is exactly right to highlight the need to crack down on illegal immigration."

    Cruz agrees with Trump that our broken immigration system needs to be fixed, yet he does not label all illegal immigrants with such derogatory labels.

    Let me encourage you to find a candidate who has fought for constitutional rights, religious liberty, human life, and American values as Senator Cruz has. If you can find one, I'd be glad to know.

    Thanks for your comments!


  11. Thanks so much for responding, Joshua!

    I would like to believe Senator Cruz as he is a Christian and I would like to believe what he says. Other than that incident, I haven't seen him show racial bias in any way and a hacker is a probable possibility.

    I agree, illegal immigration is not good (I think legal immigration is fine though – after all, most of us are immigrants /have family members who immigrated).

    Thanks again!


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