July 6, 2021

A Winter Day


Isn’t snow beautiful? Winter is definitely my favorite season but that’s because it is December. (I usually say that my favorite season is whatever season we are in!) We have been taking the week off from homeschool studies so we have had more time for playing.
Marlin had the honors of pulling a tobaggon with the tractor over the snowy roads and lanes, up and down road ditches, and wherever else he felt like going. The goal was to see how many riders he could displace! His partner in crime was Hudson. He loved riding on the buddy seat in the tractor when he wasn’t on the tobaggon.

Here are the tobaggon riders (except for Rebecca-she only came out for the family picture!!).
Denver’s new dalmation dog, Ryker, got his exercise by running behind or beside the tobaggon. Unfortunately, he did not cooperate for the picture!


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Fun, fun, fun! I can almost hear the laughter — and I know 15 other people who would love to be there with you. 🙂 We’re looking forward to February!

  2. Looks like fun!! 🙂 I miss seeing all the snow in Winter!(We use to live in Illinois before moving to Florida.) 🙂

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