I am much-belated in posting this—it has been in the “drafts” folder for almost two months now! But finally here is our March tour in review! We arrived home April 4th so I also included those first few days of April, on the road, with this post as well. 
Our month started out with a concert in one of our favorite churches in the south, a spirit-filled non-denominational church in Alabama. The pastor and his family + church family have all become dear friends of ours over the years and we just love being there with them and hearing every year of the new ways God is working through their ministry! 
It is always a treat to get to spend a day or two in their guest houses that they have for evangelists and music groups to use. Laundry facilities, wifi, showers, kitchens…the best of all worlds. =)
Family hang out party in the church fellowship hall, watching the voting results on our various forms of media. =)
Allison + I enjoyed lunch + a lovely time with one of our friends + her sweet little baby boy. 
Our one stop at the beach happened in Alabama with the parents + the four youngest. We love the beach but it does seem to always be cold whenever it works in our schedule to go! Contrary to what some people think, we do NOT spend our winters in the south laying out next to the ocean. We try to go once every southern tour, but I can honestly only remember ONE TIME I have been to the beach that it was actually truly warm. Most of the time…we freeze. =()
The toothbrushing phenomenon. I think this moment could fit into the “most people squeezed into the smallest space brushing teeth at the same time” book of records. If there was such a thing, that is. I’m thinking about authoring a book called “The Book of Bus Records” where families that travel in buses could compete for various records held for various things. Only problem is, half of the records probably wouldn’t even be appropriate enough to put in a book. Whoops. So never mind on that. =)

Carson, our tech guy. He fixes anything and everything from lights to toilets to oil to engines to our bus surround sound. (pictured above) We are so grateful for his skills!

School continues in full force on the bus. The littles are so dedicated and disciplined-I’m so proud of their hard work.

Family devotions on the bus.

Sometimes we have very embarrassing things happen. Moments when we would like to all just leave and not be a part of the band that travels in this bus. Its not so much the band that we want to disown…. it’s the bus. =() Those of you that don’t have a bus..hopefully the story that this picture tells will go right over your head. Those of you who do have a bus…are groaning and feeling our pain at this moment. =)

Study in the sun for Denver.
Push-ups anywhere and everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
This was after the crowds had left, obviously. 

The bench and weights and all the gear go everywhere with us. =) Here, Denver working out at a rest stop.

Spending time with sweet Texas friends.

Set up for yet another concert.

Rebs, hard at work scrubbing the floor of the bus.

Denver + I, working together on scoring his schoolwork. Denver has been very diligent and his hours and hours of study are paying off! He is on track to graduate highschool in August.

In March we worked especially hard to catch up on the scoring of the younger ones schoolwork. Even the older boys took a few shifts to help out.

More of the same…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Therefore, we make sure to play as well. =)

Yes, this picture is fuzzy + bad quality…but the story behind it is too sweet not to post. Poor Hudson was “down under” for a few days with a stomach bug, and one afternoon I found Mitchell laying in the hallway next to Hudsons bunk, reading to him for variation and to help pass the time for him.

In Fredricksburg, we did a concert at this amazing store. Not really sure how to describe it (antique?vintage?unique?chic?awesome!!) It was definitely one of the most unique venues we’ve ever sung in and we loved it! There was a great mixture of church + community people in attendance.

Catching up with these gems!
We were so privileged to get to know + hang out with these sweet souls who helped with coordinating + hosting the concert. They also opened up for us and we just loved their toe tapping music, their heart for Jesus, and their beautiful stage smiles. =)
Little girlies with friends.
Meeting the newest blessing of some friends of ours in Texas…

Colorado sights, as seen through our dirty windshield. =)

With  a few extra minutes one morning while in Colorado, we stopped by Burlington Coat Factory to look for suits for the guys + plan a new summer outfit. We LOVE Burlington Coat Factory because their suit prices are some of the best out there, and they also have a good selection of dress clothes for little boys. (although it is definitely getting easier now that the majority of our guys are in mens’ sizes!)
They also have a great selection of classy/dressy clothing for men + women as well.

Fun putting new colors together…
Whilest on the weekly Costco expedition, Rebs + I browsed the fun section while Mom + Liz located the necessities. 
We found this very fun dress and texted a picture to dad that said this, “Found this dress for Rebs. We’re thinking she can wear it for the new concert outfit. Thoughts? Too much poof or not enough?”
Two minutes later dad texted back,
“Not enough poooooooofffffff”!
We left the dress there. =)

This is the “after-concert bus crew”, consisting of Allison and the three youngest. She always takes them out, presumably put them to bed, but in reality to eat fun foods (or cucumbers:) and read stories.
And then put them to bed. =)

Amongst other things, one of our first priorities upon entering back into the USA after Mexico was to find a laundromat. The laundry situation had become slightly desperate! 
Sometimes the menfolk come in to help finish and carry things out. 
Unfortunately, this day Iowa was playing, and the game was on, so…yeah, my help was somewhat distracted. =)
All set up and ready to do it all again!

Very special late-night parties with old friends and one of our former employees, in Kansas. Such a treat to catch up with all of these again.

Smiles with the girls!

For each of our birthday’s, it is a family tradition that the birthday person gets to pick a meal and then an activity. We celebrated my birthday with my meal of choice back in January, but my birthday fell during a super busy week at home, right before the Iowa caucus, and so my activity didn’t end up happening until March. I choose a morning of family relaxing-beginning at Bass Pro Shop and ending at Barnes + Noble. It was an amazing couple of hours!

Bass Pro Shop had some of the coolest signs and we literally wanted to take them ALL home with us!

Oh my. =)
Being together is the best place to be!
Hanging out at Barnes + Noble. An abundance of books and nearby coffee. (Starbucks) What more does one need? =)

As previously mentioned in more than one post, Costco is our best friend and keeps us fueled both at home and abroad. =) When we are on tour, sometimes the guys help out with the shopping. Above, Mitchell, Liz, + Rebs, after one such fruitful expedition.

While in Colorado, some of the fam got to take in a hike with mom’s brother who lives there.

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states ever. 
The parents.
I’m telling you, these push-ups happen everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
Taylor + Liz

Spending time with our relatives is one of the greatest blessings of traveling all over. While in Colorado we got to see a number of relatives and that was such a treat. Above, Dad + Mom with mom’s brother, his wife, and their son and his wife.

When your cousin works at Coldstone Creamery and she delivers fresh smoothies for your band…well, you just feel very loved and you sing extra well that night. =)

And that’s March for you! It was an amazing month with so many God moments, including our little family vacation and Mexico ministry. So many people poured out so much love and generosity to our family. There is no way to fully express our gratitude. But if you are one of those who blessed us along the way, whether it was through meals, gifts, encouragement, prayers, love, smiles, or just coming to one of our concerts…we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and say, as we always do, “may God bless you richly as you have blessed us”. 
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.”
Ephesians 1:3


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  1. Loved the post! Glad you are home, SWEET, home! God is truly blessing your family! Love the push-up locations…happens to us, too! =)
    Love y'all!

  2. Aww, thanks for posting!!
    Oh, bless your heart…did y'all's sewage pipe bust?? Or come disconnected, or whatever… 🙂 I'm sure that wasn't too fun! Looks like it was a good trip though – know you're glad to be home.
    Can't wait to see y'all again…God bless!!

  3. i really enjoyed this post!! ya'll sending that pic of Rebs to your Dad and what he said back soooo reminds me of my Daddy and what we would do to him!! i love Bass Pro Shop and their cool signs! looks like ya'll had fun! hope you can rest now! :):):) :D:D:D
    God Bless!!!!!
    Clo, Is. 53:5, #UNASHAMED, heresclo.blogspot.com, YouTube channel-Clo Hale

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