April 2, 2015
And here we are to week number thirteen! Finally we have arrived at the last week of our winter tour. It is hard to believe that this post is the last one of this series! Lord willing the next post will be updates of home sweet home. It might not come for a month or two, though. (kidding-hopefully!)

After coming back from Mexico, we had two concerts in Oklahoma before heading to Nashville to finish up our recording. (the Sunday night concert was outdoors and is pictured above)
Our our way up from Texas to our Saturday night concert, we stopped and spend the evening with these sweet friends.
Homemade pizza was on the menu! What a treat-we hadn’t had homemade pizza since we were home last December!
Some other friends took us out for lunch at Cracker Barrel on Saturday.
Yes, it seems like all of our pictures center around the table! =) Here we enjoyed a delicious Sunday dinner at one of our favorite Oklahoma places, dad’s cousin’s home.
We have been here at Beech Creek Studios since Monday, recording the second part of our new album. Above, is our bus parked down at the bottom of the hill from the studio. 
My view yesterday morning as I walked up to the studio. Tennessee spring is so beautiful.
No two days at the studio are the same. We rotate in and out of the studio a lot switching back and forth from various people’s parts.
Our violin arrangements on this new project are more diverse than ever before. From country licks, to upbeat fiddle tunes, to orchestra-type pieces…Allison nailed it. =)
When we aren’t in session, we are either “on deck” (waiting for our upcoming part) or working in the bus or studio lounge.

Our youngest five are the only ones in school anymore, which seems kind of strange! I am so proud of them-they are extremely self-motivated and do their school mostly on their own every day.

Denver is following in the footsteps of all five of us older ones and taking an online college level English course through Telos.

The drivers seat was empty, so why not do school there? =)

It has been beautiful outdoors, so some of us have moved our work stations outside to soak up some sun while we study and/or work.

In the midst of the busy studio schedule, we found some time on evening to meet up with these dear old friends whom we hadn’t seen for way too long. We love these people!
Joshua, working on scripture memory in the studio lounge.
Carson is our king of copyrights, digital sales, and negotiations. We are so thankful for his expertise in these areas! Now that he has most of his recording parts finished, he has been spending time getting all of the necessary copyrights for the new album.
Taylor-letting out some energy during his recording session. =)
myself (Chelsy)
We do this…..
….and then we do this. =)
Play, then listen back and critique. 
My personal favorite song of all on this new album is our children’s song, “Hallelujah, Salvation, & Glory”. Dad narrates a powerful recitation at the beginning.

We are so thankful for Trey & Charlie’s fabulous ideas for vocal + instrument arrangements. Their additions added so much spice to our music.

The children took their schoolbooks in with them to their little recording stations, so they could work on school in between takes. 
Rebecca learning a few different notes for her alto part on the children’s song.
I love being the younger ones’ vocal coach. They have so much energy and pick up on stuff so fast. 
And we have a lot of fun, too. =)

The whole crew-our family with our amazing engineer, Charlie, and our producer, Trey! (thank-you guys so much!!)
This has been, hands down, our favorite recording experience ever, and we are so grateful for Beech Creek Studios and the team of people God gave us to work with. We still have the mixing/mastering, graphic design, and duplication left, but the hardest part (recording!) 
is behind us and we are excited! Be watching for our new album, hopefully coming in early June!
On a completely different and unrelated note-we would appreciate your prayers for safety as we travel home tonight! Lord willing we will wake up in Iowa! =)

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”
Colossians 3:16

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