July 6, 2021

Winter Tour//Week 5


Week #5 was spent mostly in the recording studio in Nashville+ giving concerts in Tennessee and South Carolina.
As you know, we always love the opportunity to hang out with little people (photo above:).  We were grateful for sweet friends and family we got to hang out with, too.  We are blessed by so much love and kindness across the miles!

Liz with friends

A rousing game of “church” with friends.

Concert time!

So…….there is a story behind this photo.  We have matching concert outfits for everyone, and someway, someone (we won’t say who:) threw Hudson’s black pants in the laundry on a day when we weren’t washing clothes.  Come concert time, Hudson couldn’t find his dress pants.  After discovering that they were in the laundry, we made the decision to NOT retrieve them from the mountain of smelly laundry (thank goodness!:)  The only option left was for Huds to wear jeans.  It made for a funny story as we did instructions on stage and explained why one member of the family was dressed differently.:)  And, hey, he looked pretty sharp, I think!
We got to spend a morning with my aunt Barb, Uncle John, and cousin Merle in South Carolina.

Cousin Merle is a math teacher, so he did a little impromptu tutoring for Taylor.

Aunt Barb’s fresh strawberry pie is AMAZING!!!!

Little Miss Rebecca did school work in between recording her parts.

Elizabeth in session
Denver looks pretty comfortable here!  He did a great job on his first time recording mandolin parts.
Oh yeah!!!  These were the good times!  When various ones of us weren’t needed to record, we hung out in the lounge, waiting for our turn.  There was lots of eating and studying done!

Carson….looking pretty serious!  Carson is perhaps the best multi-tasker of all us instrumentalists!  He was probably studying Spanish while he recorded his bass parts.:)

Chelsy and Mitchell spent a lot of time in the engineering room, listening and analyzing.
This is me…..waiting to record my part.

Mitchell recorded one or more instruments on nearly every song.  We are so thankful for his skills!

Recording vocals

Let’s see….not quite sure what this little series of photos is all about.  Possibly the caption could be, “This is how I feel about recording.”:)

Charlie, our studio engineer, is so FABULOUS!!!  Wow….this guy is talented, encouraging, and just plain good at what he does.  He is the one that records, re-records, cuts and pastes, and so many technical things in between!

It has been a pleasure working with Trey Ivy, our producer.  He is an absolute whiz at theory and music, and super creative in arranging and creating harmony parts.  We have been incredibly blessed by his dedication.

We were so blessed to record at Beech Creek Studios for the first time.  When we got there, we realized that the owners of the studio are the creators/owners of Cedarmont Kids.  When Chels, Mitch, and I were little, we LOVED watching the Cedarmont Kids VHS’s.  They were good, fun, Biblical kids movies and we thought the little kids that acted on them were so cool!  It turned out that we got to meet Robert and Marti, the two main “kid actors” on the movies.  Their father owns the studio, and they were in and out helping/working while we were there!  The whole family is such a blessing, and their studio is so professional and well equipped.  We highly recommend the Gay family’s Beech Creek Studio.

Thank you to everyone who hosted us in in Tennessee and South Carolina!  We also can’t say how very much we appreciate all our friends who pray for and encourage us as we travel.  You bless us so much!
“In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof there is no death.” -Proverbs 12:28

-posted by Allison


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  1. Ahhh Ime and britt loved watching their VHS to ahhh thank u for making a new back to them when the words I kianda knew who they were an then I just hit me when was i was on "music video" an app an i looked up then their an yea lov the pics an it short of uhmm weird when see u guys with the bates I can't to watch them tonight and my arm is and has been like killing me for these pass u days u when seen the new blog it just really upliftied me even all of ur guys blogs do:) while anyways Love Ashley Evans + hugs + love u guys + God bless u guys:)

  2. I am glad that God has really been blessing your tours this year!!! That must be so much fun getting to record CD's!!! It looks so neat! Continue to serve the Lord and glorify HIM!!!

    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Morgan R.

  3. It's hard to believe that the Cedarmont kids are all grown up now! The DVDs are still available. I saw them the last time I went to my local Christian bookstore. It's awesome that you got to work in the same studio!

    The strawberry pie looks a lot like the kind my mom makes. Yum!!!

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