March 5, 2015
Week #6 of our winter tour found us back down to South Carolina + Florida. We sang at this church Sunday morning before heading over for the prison crusade rally.
Sunday morning smiles!

 The first five days of the week were spent in SC for the Gospel Express Prison Crusade. As usual we didn’t get any pictures of the crusade but it was once again a wonderful time-amazing services and just seeing God move in so many unbelievable ways. I could share so many stories and testimonies! One especially incredible evening was spent at a women’s prison and we left just feeling so SO blessed and encouraged. The church behind bars truly puts the typical “free” church to shame. I wish there was someway we could take all of you blog readers with us; it is such an amazing experience to witness what God is doing in these prison revivals.

The first day of the crusade we were invited to some friends’ home for lunch. (above) This is one of our favorite things about traveling-all the sweet families we are able to connect with and get to know. These dear people were so hospitable and we just loved our time with them.

Our cousin + his family live in the area, and they own a repair shop. Carson spent pretty much every free minute over there working. And thriving on it. =) I told him to be sure to take a selfie with one of his projects so he took this one for me! 

I spent a day at our cousin’s empty house-their whole family was going to be gone for the day and they so kindly offered for me to come and have the day alone to do laundry and just eat up the quiet. =) It was such a blessing.

Lunch with cousins!
Three other families and ours all stayed parked at a local church during the days before we went into prison. That church is always so wonderful to stay at-it has a big + beautiful new kitchen, a gym, lots of classrooms, showers, and wifi! Just the perfect place for all of our big families to spread out and get things done!
One day there was a family camp planning meeting. (y’all, get excited for Family Camp 2015! There are some exciting things coming! And if you’re not signed up already and you are wanting to come then you need to get signed up asap while there is still room left! Please visit the above link or email us for a brochure!) 

After the crusade we headed down to the sunny land of Florida. (which, I might add, was only hot about two out of the seventeen days we were there. I think it heard that the Bontragers were coming and followed suite with every other state we’ve been in this tour, to serve us usually chilly weather =))
Well, at least we didn’t go to Florida for the weather. Thank-goodness!

Our first Florida concert was the night before Valentines and our sweet hostess decorated our dinner tables in celebration of the holiday!
Smiles at the product table before a concert!
More smiles, pre-concert, from the front row!

The week ended with a concert in the Pinecraft Park on Valentines night. It was very cold but other than that we had a wonderful time! There was a great turnout and as usual for Pinecraft, we ended up being related to or having various other connections with just about everyone we met. =)

Once again we are so grateful to everyone who made us feel so welcome and at home during our sixth week of our winter tour! Southern hospitality is so incredible!

“Great is thy faithfulness, great is thy faithfulness. 
Morning by morning, new mercies I see.
All I have needed thy hand hath provided. 
Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.”

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  1. Lov it yea chels it would be such an amazing exciting expercent for us blog readers I wish that I could go to family camp and prison Ministry I wish are church would do something like that witch my church is….. and I lov how do that I would love just hear all of those real life and encouraging testimonys and how have save an encouraged every single lost or broken soul in their u guys are such ture blessing in ur familys&friends ect ect lifes anyways love Ashley Evans hugs lov u guys + God bless u guys 🙂

  2. What a blessing! I am so glad that week six went so well! How beautiful the places and churches are where you have performed! Continue to serve the Lord with gladness and come before His presence with singing (Psalm 100:2)!
    Morgan R.

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