July 6, 2021

World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain//Anchorage


We had a little spare time on our way from Anchorage to Homer two weeks ago, so we stopped by to see the world’s largest chocolate fountain. =)
As is typical, most of us ended up crowded around the book display. =)


Alaska 2013

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An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Hi Lexi!
    No, there were absolutely no samples of the chocolate fountain! I was appalled….I mean, we're supposed to LOOK at THAT and not partake?!:) I think there was even a sign that said "no diving". I sure thought about it!

  2. Hey Allison,
    That's not kewl. Somehow I would have to have chocolate, lol! My allergies are super bad right now, so I'm not feeling good.
    In Christ,

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