July 6, 2021

Christmas Weekend Recap


On Saturday, the uncles, aunts, & grandma were invited to a brunch at my uncles’ home.

That left 37 grandchildren to have our own party at grandmas. Here are a few of us enjoying brunch at the long table.
We had a delightful time!
Liz reading to Rebecca & Brooke
Dominoes with Liz, Jamie, Kenzie, & Ally
The game of choice…Dutch Blitz!
The guys enjoying a very lively football game
We were together @ Pizza Hut Christmas Eve. 
The girls
Annika & Liz
Anticipating some yummy pizza!
Kierra, Leah, & Rebecca enjoy a story by Aunt Linda
Dutch Blitz with the guys
We had a very blessed church service together Christmas morning.
Above, Mitchell does a special presentation for the children.
Cousin Will preached a very convicting and challenging sermon about the love of God. He emphasized that the Christian life is not about what we can do to please God, but rather it is about all that God has DONE and GIVEN for us.
Eating yummy food!
Some of the girls
The adults side
Family/Food/Memories/Tradition/Noise/Laughter=A BONTRAGER CHRISTMAS
Victoria and Tiffany handing out gifts from Grandma 
Uncle Merle handing out gifts to the younger grandchildren
The weather was chilly but definitely warmer than most Christmases. Here some of the ladies enjoy a walk.
More tradition….shooting clay pigeons in the field out behind Grandmas house.
Football in the basement…the younger boys were thrilled to have Mitchell & Will “supervising” the game. =)
Hudson & Brooke enjoy stories by cousin Danelle. This sight brought back memories for me, as one of my favorite and oldest memories of times with Danelle is her reading stories to me when I was younger.
heart-to-heart conversation, tea, and blankets with Hannah, Rhoda, Allison, Dorcas, & Teresa on Grandma’s porch swing
Another favorite Bontrager game….SPOONS. I know we all look very calm and concentrated…but thats because no one had grabbed a spoon yet!
The joke is that in the next year, grandma will be finding spoons in odd places all over the living room. =)
Rebecca & Brooke enjoy some special story time with Grandma
worship time with the cousins late Christmas night
“…..happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.”
Psalm 144:15


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  1. fun pictures to see! given the fact that I only have 4 cousins total, I am jealous of all the fun memories and times you all have together. 🙂

  2. What are the things some of the girls are wearing on their heads? Bonnets? Is it part of your religious belief? *serious question* God Bless Steph

  3. They are called prayer coverings, and are worn by my grandmothers & some of our aunts/cousins as a part of their beliefs, yes.

    Chelsy ( for the Bontrager Family)

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