July 6, 2021

Church Family Day (from May)


 Just realized the other day that, due to computer issues at the time, I never posted these pictures of our [{fabulous} church family day back in May!
We love our little home church of 42 people. We are so close and just love spending time together. So in May, we planned a church family day….where everyone came to church and then stayed for the afternoon {games + fellowship} and the evening {popcorn + snacks + homemade ice-cream}
 Above, we played an interesting “discussion” game where each family was given a piece of paper with a question on it. After that each family went off by themselves and discussed the question they had been given…and then met back together to share their answers why with the group. It was really really good….questions were things like: 
1) if there was a draft, what would you do?
2) if the chip became mandatory, how would you react?
3) what would you do if your neighbor sued you?
4) what would you do if a homeless man showed up at your door and needed a place to stay the night?
5) what would you do if your elderly parents needed constant care?
6) what would you do if the state passed a law stating that it was mandatory for all children to be sent to public school?
Families took these questions to God’s Word and then shared their answers—such a rich time of thinking, discussion, and growing in Biblical knowledge.
 some little people were not content with the more *ahem* “refined” game of DareBase. =)
 dear, dear….what a mess! But what happy smiles!
 DareBase….the Christian Family Fellowship young people’s favorite game of all time
 Taking turns churning the ice-cream
 the girls
 the moms + older girls
Adorable little Rachel enjoying ice-cream with her daddy.

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  1. I enjoyed reading and catching up with you guys! :o) That is a great family picture that you posted on July 4th!

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