July 6, 2021



We enjoyed the time with our family so very much. Elam & Esther and Tim & Karen, thanks for your generous hospitality. We all considered our time with you in FLA (Elam’s) and TX (Tim’s) very special indeed.

Allison, Laura, and Chelsy enjoyed many laughs together. Nic, I wanted to post a picture of you, but the other pictures are still on my Mac and I need your experise to post from that computer!!

The girls now have 2 traditions to keep when we go to TX: 1. Buy matching shirts and 2. Have a tea party.

The boys can’t seem to get enough of wrestling with their cousins. Looks like Denver and William are winning these matches.


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Happenings at the farm:)
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  1. aww, I’m so jealous that you got to spend all that fun time with Nic and Laura! I can’t wait to see them soon! 🙂 and you too! Cheers! I’m enjoying the pictures very much! Thanks for your hard work, Aunt Becky, and whoever else was involved. Fantastic pictures, Chels!!! love you all! ~Marissa

  2. I am very glad to see that you all made it home safe.
    It looks like you have had a lovely time!
    Happy Trails! (Tiffany told me the story behind happy trails)

  3. I should say that I am enjoying all the pics… keep them coming!
    I can’t wait to see you all. It’s been eternally too long!
    Love and Hugs!

  4. Hey… we have tagged ya’ll to share some random/wierd things about your fam.
    You can learn more at our blog.

  5. Ohhh, my brothers and cousins do a lot of wrestling when they get together too!
    The yellow of the shirts is so pretty!

  6. love the yellow shirts. makes me think of spring! AHHHH… right now it FEELS so far away. 🙂

    gotta love it when the boys start wrestling!


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