July 6, 2021

Davis Mercantile


 Even though our blog has been quiet, (lack of wi-fi and time) we have been busy!  Our two week tour began with singing on Saturday afternoon and evening at the Davis Mercantile.  We packed in an amazing amount of action in a single day. 
After we got there around 10:30 a.m. the older ones set up while I read from Uncle Arthur’s Bible Stories to the younger children.  
After set up and sound check we had just enough time for some carousel rides, compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Miller.
Half the fun for Hudson was choosing which animal to ride.  In addition to horses there were pigs, roosters, dogs, and sheep.  To a 4 year old, this may have been one of the more difficult decisions he has made so far!!
Oh joy!
Between our concerts, some of us stopped by to taste the homemade goodness of soft pretzels at Jo Jo’s Pretzels.  Thank -you, Joanna, for the special treat!  
The concert.


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. It looks like fun, especially the carousel rides for the little ones. The pretzels look great. Makes me wanna go mix up a batch right now.

  2. i lovvve that place!! and yes, the carousel is lots of fun(even for the big kids:)
    hope y'all have a great time in NY!

  3. Is that Carousel in the southern MI area?? We just went to one that looks just like it, so I was wondering!!


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