September 17, 2008
Once again, we are rejoicing in God’s goodness which we experienced at Family Camp this year. We certainly agreed with the Wissmann Family that although we didn’t feel like going to camp after a rather hectic month and a half of singing, farming, gardening, and preparing for Labor Day (see previous post), we went because we had committed to it and then were so blessed with the teaching of God’s Word, the fellowship of dear Christian friends, and the outdoor beauty of God’s creation plus some great meals at Village Creek Bible Camp. Here a few of the snapshots of what went on at camp. This is Elizabeth with the youngest member at camp, Lorinda , who was only 6 days old! Congratulations to Tom and Mary Cory on your sweet, precious, and first daughter!!

Hudson just couldn’t get done riding this horse.

Gloria Wissmann shared a Bible Story on the white board with the mothers and daughters.

The Greers shared some beautiful music with us one evening.

The Wissmanns gave their concert on Sunday evening. We just never get tired of hearing you, Wissmann Family!!

A big hit was the breakout session to learn more about playing instruments.

We give God all the glory for what He did at camp this year. I certainly learned another lesson in trusting God for whatever He brings into my life and also trusting Him to use it to bring glory to His name.

Thanks to all who came to camp this year and for what you contributed. We loved hearing your testimonies of what God is doing in your lives. It is encouraging and inspiring to see God at work in families.

“For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6


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  1. Visiting with all of you and Family Camp was so much fun! We’re glad we went! Thanks for all of the hospitality!

    We love you folks!!

    Blessings to you,
    Greer Family

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