The first week of this 6-week northern/western tour was spent in Minnesota/Canada. In between concerts we were blessed to enjoy lots of scenery and God’s beautiful creation!
Above we are having a  picnic during the time we spent with the Schoenfelders….
 Rebecca playing by the lake
 Boat rides!!
Rope swing rides….fun, fun!!
Taylor preparing to jump
 Denver flying through the air
 Singing hymns together in the evening
Liz & Rebecca playing in the playhouse
 Playing with the kittens at the Nisly’s.
Kendra, Rebecca, Liz, Hudson, & Caitlyn
 Katrina & Crystal showed Denver & Taylor the horses and goats
A highlight was spending time with our cousin Jordan at his home @ Northern Youth Programs where he is an airplane mechanic.

 Before we left in the morning, Jordan took some of us on a canoe ride on the lake
the view over Beaver Lake
The mission where we stayed
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