July 6, 2021



On Sunday night we set a new record for the biggest assembly of guests in our bus. We had….24 people in there eating at the same time.
Makes memories!
On Sunday night we drove to the home of our dear uncle, aunt, and cousins, and now the bus and most of the family is there to spend the week while Dad, Mitchell, & I (Chelsy) fly home for 4 days. 
Yesterday we were all able to be together. We went to a nearby park and had a very rousing game of Dare Base. Everyone got in on the action, except for Rebecca & Harrison, who stayed very happy playing in the big pile of leaves that was right next by.

 The homeschooled, “daughter-from-a-large-family” version of “laying out”.
 The two very competitive and fiesty aunts/sisters also got in on the action.
They run the same, laugh the same, and even yell the same.
Stomachs were growling by the time supper rolled around. Lots of exercise gave everyone big appetites for the grilled hamburgers (& all the fixin’s!) ranch potatoes, & salad.
Cousin smiles!
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  1. Looks like alot of fun!:)

    We really enjoyed having you to our church. It was so good to see you all again!


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