July 6, 2021

John + Chelsy Maxwell


Life has been crazy lately with a wedding, two big New Years celebrations, numerous out of town guests, subzero temperatures (which means lots of extra work on the farm), family jam sessions to prepare for our Winter Tour, homeschool, normal daily work, and an injury (Denver injured his leg but is on the mend). In addition to that, we have extra work in the office and house as we wrap up many, many projects in preparation to leave for 3 months!
The blog’s been pretty quiet lately, both because our main blogger got married (and we haven’t completely transitioned those responsibilities yet:), and because we’ve been pretty occupied with other things!
I (Allison) will be posting here several times this week, as well as sharing daily life updates over on our family instagram, @bontragerfamilysingers . We’d love for you to follow along!
Wishing ya’ll productive and joy-filled start to 2018!  
“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might!” (Ecclesiastes 9:10)


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An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. That picture. *jaw-drop* Absolutely gorgeous!!! John and Chelsy are an incredibly beautiful couple! That is just the most beautiful picture. So happy for them!

  2. May God bless your family, in all that you do! Your blog posts never fail to inspire me to put more effort and diligence into my own work.

  3. I have been following the Maxwell's blog for several years! I am so happy for both of your families!! Looking forward to following your family also!!!

  4. Congratulations to John & Chelsy. I've been following both families and love you all. What will Chelsy do now that she is moving to Kansas? Lord Bless your concert tour. Prayers are with you from Indiana.

  5. Allison I know you will do a great job for as I have gotten to know you over the years you are one that puts your whole heart in everything you do and that I love about you.

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