Finally after several weeks I am getting around to posting about the Bar Mitzvah celebration we had for Joshua!
{I know there has been some confusion about what a Bar Mitzvah is. Also some people that know what it is have asked if we are Jewish, since it is a Jewish ceremony.
Answers: no, we are not Jewish. But we observe this ceremony because we believe it is a very biblical principle and so applicable for us today. A Bar Mitzvah is a special ceremony of blessing and releasing a boy into manhood. It is basically a special time for family and friends to gather together and bless a young man in the transition from boyhood, to manhood. For girls, the ceremony is called a Bat Mitzvah.}
We four older ones had our Bar/Bat Mitzvahs when we were 14 or 15, but somehow time flies and has slipped away so we didn’t do Joshua’s til lately, after his 16th birthday}
Not very many of the invited guests were able to make it, but the smallness of the party ended up being a blessing in that we were able to make it much more elaborate and intimate.
the centerpieces were black mugs filled with spearmint tea bunches from our garden.
they were so pretty + they matched the theme colors & smelled SO good!
We started with music (two of Joshua’s favorite songs + the song “Only Believe” which he wrote last fall)
Following the music Joshua gave his testimony.
Our pastor giving a special “charge to adulthood” for Joshua.


and parents blessings
All the men praying prayers of blessing over Joshua
The meal afterwards was a super fun to prepare, and almost as fun to eat. 
Joshua is a HUGE mexican fan, and none of us were surprised at all that he picked a mexican buffet for his celebration meal. =)
We had nearly every mexican topping you could imagine to go with rice, beans, tortillas, beef, & chipotle chicken.
presentation was complete with Allison’s scripty label cards in front of each dish.
cheesecake bar for dessert
the Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebration has been such a special time for each of us older ones who have had one. It is so powerful to be able to be blessed and “sent forth”, so to speak, as an adult.
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