July 28, 2012
 Here are some pictures of the few days we’ve spent at home over the past two weeks.
Above…Allison working on repainting one of our bathrooms! 
 Liz is such a faithful helper with children and LOVES to read stories! Here she is reading to Rebecca & Javan, our neighbor boy who Allison babysits.
 Another part of daily life-the never ending, always needed, haircuts!
Josh & Rebecca
 Rebecca loves to drive with the boys when they go up the road to feed the heifers. 
Carson keeps our bus running…and he has been a lifesaver this summer using his skill on our rather tempermental bus AC.
 Mitch washing one of the trucks
 Mitch feeding a newborn calf
 It has been so dry all summer and the gardens and trees have needed almost daily watering.
Its a big job but it looks like the boys are having fun (above)
Denver must have mistaken Taylor for a tree.
 hard at work
 The faithful crew of Hudson, Taylor, Liz, & Denver
(Huds, I believe…was slightly distracted from the job at hand…!)
 Carson, hard at work…this time building a new feeder bunk for the bulls pen.
 Getting ready to head out again! 
The bus in front of the house, ready for packing…

A few of the beautiful flowers in our front garden


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  1. We were so blessed by your familys' visit to Lake Itaska. Thank you for coming and sharing. We drove up from the Twin Cities, and though I knew it would be an uplifting weekend for our family, I had no idea how much I would come to love your family. I am trying to write a post on modesty over at my site. I would actually like to do a seperate post, from that of our weekend at Lake Itasca, and I wonder if some of the lovely ladies in your family would be willing to share your views and some pictures with me of your version of Modern Modesty and the need for it. I know your busy, and if you tell me you just don't have the time, I will understand. It was just such a blessing to my husband and I to see so many modest women in one place(that wasn't church) I also noticed in some of your family reunion posts that family members have their heads covered as well, and I would be so interested to know why. Thank you for your time and testimonies.

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