July 6, 2021

More Labor Day Pictures


Since our photographer, Chelsy, took so many great pictures on Labor Day, I am posting some more random shots of that day. We are hopeful that one of the next posts will be news about our 10th arrow. Keep checking! In the meantime, God has been giving me many lessons on patience and trusting in His timing. By His grace, I am learning these lessons well.


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Aww…I wish I could have been there…*sniff*…Wonderful pictures, Chels! You’re so talented! 🙂 I’m praying for you all and especially you, Aunt Becky! love you–Mari

  2. Great! Looks like fun… Praying for Mrs. Bontrager, and BTW, Alli dear, I got your letter, and yesterday I should have sent mine, but I forgot! :S

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