July 6, 2021

~Regency Ladies~


We had a formal “high tea” the other day, so Marissa, Allison, & I (Chelsy) dressed up “Regency style” and had a photo shoot afterwards. Photographer credits go to Elizabeth (4). This was her first time as photographer! (and she loved it!)


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  1. hey pals!
    i see you are updating a fair amount… looks like you had an awesome, i miss you soooo much and hope all is going good!
    thanks for your emails, you have no idea how much of an encouragement it is to me here in the far east!
    love you always!

  2. Wow! Elizabeth did a REALLY good job for her first time, and for being four! Thanks for the post Chelsy! It’s very fun! Cute dresses!

    Love In Christ,

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