August 24, 2021

Summer Tour//Part Two


The second part of our tour took us out west! After finishing up the first part of the tour, we stopped home for a day to do laundry, work the muscles on the farm, get some projects done, and of course, spend time with the Iowa fam! The next morning, we headed towards Idaho, stopping on the way to see Mount Rushmore! After our stop in Idaho, we travelled to Montana, Washington, back to Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and finished out at a music festival in Minnesota! The Lord was so good to us in keeping the bus safe over all the western mountains! We saw His hand guide, protect, and move as we sang in a variety of venues, traveled many miles, stopped to enjoy the beauty around us through hikes+other family excursions, fellowshipped with sweet families in their homes, practiced lots of music, and did Bible Bee, school, bus maintenance, and other work along the way! This is just a little recap of the memories we made on tour!

Lunch+fellowship at Denver and Praise's house before heading out!

Jeremiah and Allison popped in for a surprise visit! We loved getting to spend a little time with them and of course baby Malachi!


Oh the beauty of Montana! 

Mount Rushmore!

Just a selfie in the bus!

Elizabeth+Rebecca playing a duet on a $200,000 Steinway grand piano at the Steinway Gallery in Spokane, Washington!

Surrounded by God's glorious creation!

Heading into a coffee shop to do some projects+Bible Bee!

Our wonderful and young-as-ever parents! How thankful we are for them!!

Culvers after the concert with some of the young people from a sweet church we sang at in Idaho!

The next evening us children enjoyed more time with some of the friends from the same church while our parents went on a double date!

Just a little backstage action!!

Dad helping out on laundry day!

Hudson did an amazing job this tour taking over some of Denver's previous responsibilities with bus maintenance!

We had the blesssing of spending a day in Washington with some dear friends!

Singing and prayer together!

We had such fun playing volleyball!

"Your ways are higher than mine."

Hiked at twin falls in Idaho!


Another family hike!

A highlight of the tour was playing at the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival! Some of the young people from the various groups did a band scramble one afternoon!

Some dear friends popped in to surprise us during the festival!

So many friends!

"In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength."
Isaiah 30:15


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  1. Me and my sister went to one of your tours recently. Very fun and loved the music. Thank you for singing music for Gods glory!!!
    Eliza N.Weimer

  2. Wow. Beautiful pictures! It's great that you guys can get out there and still perform for people, with the pandemic! My theatre group was able to perform live for the first time in over a year, at the beginning of the month. It was wonderful.

    You have all grown so much! God bless you and stay safe!

    Love, Rebecca

  3. What GORGEOUS views ya'll encountered on this tour!! As someone from the opposite end of the country, it's amazing to see what people out there enjoy every day! 😉 Our God is so AWEsome to have created such variety in His creation!

    I'm so thankful this Summer tour was so blessed! It looks like such sweet family times + memory-making, and precious fellowship.♥ Thank you for all the pictures!

  4. Happy {belated} Anniversary to Carson + Lina, Josh + Cass, and Mitchell + Bryn!! Hard to believe it's been FOUR years since the big wedding weekend y'all had!! <3

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