July 6, 2021

TX/OK/AR April Trip


We stopped in Oklahoma to surprise our dear friend and relative, Roberta, for her birthday. (Roberta is my dads cousin, and widow of our adopted Grandpa, Arlis, who passed away in February)
We had a very special visit with them, although there were so many memories of Arlis around every corner and we missed him so much.
We wrapped about 15 different gifts individually. The idea was that one could be opened every day until they were all gone. Liz & Rebecca wanted Roberta to open them all at once. =)
In TX, our dear friends, Mr. & Mrs. Crutchfield, took our family out to breakfast.
This is the third year we’ve been in their area and the third time they’ve treated us to breakfast. 
They are such a godly example to our family and we have been so inspired by their testimony.

We love taking our cousins with us on tours when it works out. For this trip, we had our 3rd cousin Becca along. She fit right in and was just like on of us. =)

Denver-excited about food. =)
Mr. & Mrs. Crutchfield
Mr. Crutchfield had us sing for the waitresses and patrons at the restaurant. 
We love opportunites like that to share Christ!
From there it was on to Big Sandy, where we attended the annual ATI Regional Conference
As always it was such an amazing time of being fed spiritually and being with so many dear friends.
(and by the way…we HIGHLY recommend this conference!)
With the lovely Becca….she became just like another sis. 
Hudson & Rebecca loved Children’s Institute, where they learned songs, stories, and character qualities.
If you look closely, you can find Hudson in the top middle…and you can see part of Rebecca’s face over on the top right. =)
Denver & Taylor were in Alert Cadet. Carson & Joshua were their squad leaders. 
Liz with a few of her friends from Pre-Excel.
This is what we found in our bus bunkroom one night. =)
In concert….
 Becca was rather dwarfed by our two giants. =)
The new version of “Sibling Cooperation”
Spending some time with friends after our last concert
This is the true glamorous side of road life.
I’m saying {NOT} as in that this sight is {NOT} glamorous.
It IS true, though!
Cleaning up, putting away, washing, organizing, etc.
Imagine having two houses and having to move things back and forth everytime you traveled. That’s pretty much the idea…
No words needed. =)
Now we are home, and here we will stay until June! 
Imagine…a whole month at home! =)


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  1. It looks like a busy/fun trip.
    Oh,I would love to hear the 'sibling cooperation'… =)

    I wish I lived near you all,I would have loved to come on over to help you all with the laundry and dishes…..etc…
    Have a great summer.

  2. You don't have a recording of your newest "sibling cooperation" anywhere do you? (Or video!) This looks really fun. The piles of laundry look all too familiar!

  3. Hello Bontragers!

    We are the George Family – we (my husband Keith and I, Sheri) spoke to you briefly one morning at the ATI conference, watching the Alert Cadets start their day.

    We're glad you made it home safe and it was a pleasure to see you and your family.

    Perhaps we'll see you at Family Camp or your next Turning Hearts Celebration. Depending on schedules.

    Blessings to you!
    Sheri George

    P.S. If you're ever driving through Missouri and need a way-station, just let us know. We would be honored to have you.

  4. Looks like you had a great trip.

    Hehe like the bus bunkroom picture!Is this your bus? Would love to see more pics of it.

    Love the sibling cooperation picture. This must be hard!

    Thank you for sharing!

    God bless you

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