July 6, 2021

Another Big Catch!


 Denver is becoming quite the trapper. This morning he came home with {possibly} the largest beaver of all beavers. This thing redefined huge-it was SO solid! 
We are all quite proud of him. One spike buck, fifteen coon, one red fox, and one enormous beaver, all in just two months.
We’re expecting an elephant next.
It was all Denver and Joshua could do to hold this big guy so I could get a picture. 
We really need to weigh him. (the beaver) I have a feeling he has Denver beat, pound for pound!



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  1. We so enjoy reading your blog and have done so for a few years now. Can't remember if I have ever commented though( I'm bad about not doing that) We live in Tennessee and I think for the past 2 or 3 years you have been near us but we missed the concert. I checked your schedule but didn't see anything posted. Just wondering if you guys will make your rounds through SE Tennessee? Thanks, Missy

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