July 6, 2021

Chupp Family Reunion


This past week end we attended the Chupp family reunion in Leon, IA. We had a wonderful time with relatives we hadn’t seen for a while and realized again the blessing of family and the privelege of being able to meet and fellowship together.
And of course, we got lots of photos!
Alex & Rebecca having a “fist fight”……………….not really! 🙂

Most of the girls………….

Dozens of NOISY games of Dutch Blitz and spoons

A pinata for the children

Lots of good conversations

Grandma and her sister, my great-aunt Mary

The boys enjoyed many games of chess and checkers

“Forever, O Lord, Your work is settled in heaven, Your faithfulness endures to all generations.” Psalm 119:89

(written by Chelsy)


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