Marlin, along with some help from the boys, put up a fence for some of our many tomato plants. He is a busy man but took the time to make his wife happy!!

Allison made a salad with some of the bountiful lettuce from our garden.

You’ve heard the phrase “Somebody follows you”. Elizabeth loves helping me cut spinach and she also loves “wearing” her baby, just like mommy does.

Denver played in his very first violin recital.

One of the benefits of farming is having space to raise our own chickens. We took them to somewhere else to be butchered and then we cut away. My mother-in-law taught me all I know about cutting chickens and now I am teaching my daughters (and neice, Marissa).

By the way, Marissa came all the way from NY to spend 5 weeks with us. She will be working, playing, traveling, and maybe even singing with us.

This is the season for baby calves on our farm. There is such love and tenderness in the picture of a cow and her newborn calf.

We have been enjoying large, delicious berries from our garden.

Joshua, with some “help” from our dog, Rycar, were part of the mulching crew.

Green onions have been a part of many meals at our house this month.

Joshua, Taylor, Denver, and Elizabeth have their own little garden plot. In the process of the children planting and working in this garden we have discovered that Denver has a real passion for gardening. So Marlin promoted him to be general manager of all the gardens and he has been my right hand man with transplanting strawberry plants, tomatoes, peppers, kohl rabbi, and cabbages. He also tediously planted a long row of carrots and is a faithful waterer.
And now you know some of the reasons why I haven’t been posting much recently. In addition to all the previous activities we spent many happy hours preparing for Chelsy’s graduation party last Sunday. But that will have to wait for another post. Maybe on Monday…………..


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  1. Hello! Praise the Lord… Everyone is so happy to hear/see from the Bontrager’s in blog land!
    We are thanking God that all is well w/ you all, as weather & rain has really had us praying for our sweet Iowa friends! We are going to keep praying as soon you will be busy blessing with song and HIS word! Our love to all.
    The Mayo Family

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