For all of ya’ll who thought that traveling in a bus would just be the dream life, this post is for you.
It is not the pleasure cruise that it may appear.
Try traveling through Kansas with a malfuctioning generator (which powers the air conditioner)
You will soon wish to be anywhere BUT on the bus.
 This was God’s lesson for us in teaching us patience and endurance and thankfulness over the last two weeks. 
Thankfully we travel with an amazing mechanic on board who was able to use his skill so that our temp. gage didn’t read this all the time. 
 The highest our temp. gage is able to read is 99. 
One day we came into the bus and it simply read “high”.
At that point we knew that we had hit the big 100 degrees.
We all looked at each other and the same thought could be read on every single face
“WHY do we travel in a bus??????”
I share this with you as a disclaimer that bus life is always glitz and glam.
Cause…it’s not. =)


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  1. Oooof! It was 113 downtown Columbia this past week. That's just a little toasty! Pretty soon the cows are going to be giving evaporated milk….

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