July 6, 2021



 Let me just say, for the record, that I do not recommend doing peaches on a bus.
For one thing, it always makes a huge mess anywhere we do it, and with the bus being so small…it just seemed everything got coated with a layer of sticky peach juice.
But we just had just happened to find a good deal on peaches at a bulk foods store that we stopped out, and our freezer was mostly empty since we were on a short trip, so we did peaches on the bus!

Allison, Denver, & Mitchell


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  1. YUM!!! We just finished freezing five bushels of peaches day before yesterday. All the girls in our family did it, and it was wonderful visiting time. And yes, it was VERY messy!

  2. This might seem to you a bit of a silly question, but how did you freeze the peaches? Just as they are, or do you do something to them first? They do look delicious and I love peaches and nectarines.Could I freeze apricots the same way?

  3. I'm no professional "peach-freezer" but we've done it every year since I was knee-high to a bullfrog. We just peal them, cut them into slices, add fruit fresh and sugar and put them into Ziplocs. We've even frozen them without fruit fresh or sugar, but they turn brown quicker.

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