In Anchorage, at our concert at Chapel by the Sea, we met a dear family who owns a business giving guided trail rides. They invited our family to come over and ride.
So all twelve of us mounted horses and set off for the mountains.

It was so sweet to watch the father leading everyone-with one of his little girls sitting in front of him and another one sitting behind. Precious.
Rebecca looked SO vulnerable. We weren’t sure about her being on her own horse but our guide assured us that she was definitely old enough and able to do it. 
She did great-such a trooper.
Hudson had a little scare at the beginning-he didn’t know what to do with the reins so he let them fall loose and his horse took off with him. Poor guy…he got a little shook up. But he kept at it and stayed on his horse the whole ride!
Rebecca and Allison get close enough for a high five. =)
little lass, crossing the river

the whole clan, plus a few more!
the fam
some people who came to one of our concerts gave us these super cool alaska monogramed hats.
we like them. =)
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Alaska 2013

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