August 24, 2017
Meet Allison Nicole, the third-born in our family. She is twenty-three years old and if her twenties continue to be as adventurous as they’ve been thus far, she has a lot of action coming up! Allison is our cheerful, energetic, life-giving encourager of the family, and we love the energy she adds!
Allison is very passionate about discipling + encouraging her generation of young women. This led her to found a young women’s ministry several years ago. Since then, she has hosted five retreats, three locally and two in Mexico. God has blessed her vision and she has continued to mentor many of the young women who she met through that venture. She lived in Mexico for six weeks last fall and left a part of her heart with the people there. She was offered a position teaching at one of the schools there, but after praying about it, felt that it wasn’t the right timing for now, so she has been working in Iowa this fall instead. She is currently employed as manager of the Dutch Country Inn, and loves her job and all the challenges that come along with it. She hires new employees, conducts business reports, plans staff meetings, does marketing/advertising, and pretty much just makes the place look good! Currently the hotel is in between live-in managers, so she is living there and keeping the day to day operations rolling like clockwork as well. Her favorite part of her job is going above and beyond to serve the guests and those employed at the hotel. She has grown so much in her leadership skills, and thrives in that position!

In addition to working for the Dutch Country Inn, Allison also teaches violin lessons to the three youngest and continues to tour half of the year with the family music. On the side she sells candles/jewelry at a local coffee shop and on her instagram page, Psalm 61 Shoppe. She invests much time into friendships and also pouring into the lives of her parents + siblings. Her most recent personal venture is her blog, which she started back in May. She has been loving the opportunity to combine topics near + dear to her heart, with her love of mentoring others.

Some of Allison’s favorite moments are spent running/working out, cooking up scrumptious meals for her family + friends, sending encouraging notes/packages to others, and enjoying long conversations over big cups of coffee. She loves where God has her in life and is enjoying her current season to the fullest!


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  1. I'm loving this getting to know the family series! 🙂 Allison, you inspire me!!And I'm really looking forward to seeing you and Chels at Family Camp in few weeks!!!

  2. I've really enjoyed your "get to know the family" series! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Allison, it was so neat reading about what is going on in your life right now! It's especially wonderful to hear of how you are loving where God has placed you and enjoying this season to the fullest! This is a beautiful example and inspiration to me! Keep living for Him, dear sister! And may God continue to bless you in this season and all through your life! ♥
    Your sister in Christ,
    ~Martha Joy

  3. Love this girl so much!! You are a sunbeam to everyone that knows you or even just walks past you for that matter 😉😆 keep making him look beautiful you're doing an awesome job

  4. You say she has a lot of action coming up. Looks to me she already involved in a lot of action. But that seems to be the trend of all the family. Is there a contest to see who can do the most (smile). I am sure she will have a very good family of her own soon.

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