July 6, 2021



The last several weeks have been full of lots of projects and various work schedules.
Above, Allison painted chalkboard paint onto our laundryroom/kitchen door. Now we use the new chalkboard to write out our menus for the day! 
 Our white cat, Snowball, had another set of kittens in August. They are growing very rapidly.  
According to the picture…the kittens aren’t the only ones who like to nurse. =) 
This mother cat is quite the animal. Twelve kittens in 4 months? Pretty crazy! 
 Its the birthday season! Here Hudson celebrates his 7th with his special request…apple dumplings.
 We baked three hundred muffins for the children in our church’s bus ministry. It was so much fun—all day long the kitchen smelled so amazing with all the different kinds of muffin smells mixing together to create a wonderful aroma.
We enjoyed many visits from friends
 Hospitality has been a huge part of our lives this fall. We love being home and having the opportunity to once again play the host role to the many people that come over!
We’re currently scattered hither and yon, with Carson & Mitch working in Des Moines, Dad busy in the fields, Allison & me (Chelsy) in NY for a wk-long visit, and the rest of the family home on the farm. Once I arrive home and get the camera rolling again we’ll be back with a full harvest/farm update! 
Happy October!


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  1. O what a happy chalkboard! 😉 and how fun to make so many muffins… and of course I noticed the baby kittens! I think I was there last time you had some 😉

  2. Love the chalkboard! I'm sure it is especially beautiful with the lovely handwriting of Allison & you on it. =) Lilly is so sweet! So glad you had a nice time together. 🙂 Blessings! Thanks for the update! =)

  3. I love the fact that your family is always doing something and that you always pitch in and everyone helps! Even the younger kids! They must all be special little helpers! you encourage us to follow your example and to see that others need us too! God bless your family and your ministry!! -A Faithful Follower

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