July 6, 2021

of birthday parties…..

Here at the Bontrager house, we love a good birthday party!  Our traditions include the following: 
~a meal chosen by the birthday person (popular items are enchiladas, pizza, fajitas, and taco salad)
~a yummy dessert (usually cheesecake or cake and homemade ice-cream.  For dad’s birthday we had trifle- a simple dessert made by layering pudding, strawberries, and cubes of chocolate cake.)
~a time of honoring the birthday person.  We go around and each say something we appreciate/admire about the birthday person.
~gift time.  After supper, we move to the living room, where we present the birthday person with the gifts we have for them.  
~the activity.  The birthday person chooses an activity to do together.  It’s usually a game or movie.  Some of our favorite games are “Ten Thousand”, “Hide ‘n’ Seek in the Dark”, “Occupation”, “Dutch Blitz”, etc.  
All in all….we have a great time together celebrating life.  For us, birthdays happen 12 times per year, so why not make it a special evening together?
 Eat time.  Often Grandma joins us.
 the Menu for Joshua’s party.  {yeah, the man has good tastes.}
 I sometimes think the Littles enjoy gift time more than the birthday person.  They love handing out the gifts, watching over the shoulder, and collecting the wrapping paper (Rebecca…:).  They’d even be more than willing to help with the opening process. //smiles//

please forgive the rather yellowish coloring of these photos.  I was behind the camera, and the photo quality gives good evidence of my lack of skill skill with Chelsy’s camera.:)

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  1. Happy Birthday to Joshua!! Funny, I have a brother named Joshua too! Looks like you always have a great time!! We almost do the same things too!!

  2. Hi, my first time commenting on here. My younger sisters are the ones keeping close tabs on y'all's blog, especially when Mary A. Ebersole tells them to. 🙂
    I think it's funny/cute how you call your younger siblings the "Littles". One of my little sisters began calling us older girls the "Olders", and herself and the others, the "Youngers". 😀 For some reason it has stuck.

    Gabrielle (Morrison)

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